Watching My Greatest Fears Disappear!

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How many ridiculous fears do we have that never end up happening which we forget after they pass? I have had a lot of them myself from one of the dumbest that I was going to get AIDS from getting a berry off a plant in third grade to thinking I had testicular cancer when I was 23 to most recently being afraid you will not like this post.

What I hope to achieve here is to help each of us see now that most of our crazy fears either never came to pass or were not as bad as we thought AND to have this knowledge ready the next time we are afraid.

Why do I share this?

Because I want to remember it myself next time another crazy fear comes for me.

Would you let me tell you a few of stories of things I've been afraid of?

Today, this helps me the next time a new fear comes up, to let go of it.

If you would prefer to watch instead, would you view the video this post is based on because you might enjoy the experience more listening or watching?

One of my most ridiculous fears as a child!

I remember that when I was in third grade or so, at around 10 years old, we went on this field trip. We went out to the woods somewhere to look around at nature and see the sights.

I grabbed these red berries off of a branch that was growing off a tree and I ate a couple of them. I don't remember how I got this idea, if a teacher or guide said that the berries were poisonous and that you shouldn't eat them, or if some kid was joking around, but by the end of the field trip, I remember getting back on the bus and I was terrified that I was going to get AIDS from having eaten those berries off of that tree growing in the forest. I was legit scared and horrified that this might happen to me. I felt at the time that it was a very real possibility.

Sure, it's easy to look back 20 years later and say, "Oh, you were just a stupid kid," or "You didn't know anything," or "Oh, you were so ignorant," or "That's an adorable little fear."

It's easy to look back and minimize what felt suffocating at the time. What I find today is that when I acknowledge that at that time, that was very scary and if I see the common thread between that and my fears today, then I can look and think, in 20 years, how am I going to feel about this fear I'm experiencing today? Because today, my mind does the same basic thing it's been doing since third grade.

Fear of spending money

One of the favorite ways our minds like to give these little fear tricks on us is in terms of money. I just experienced one of these this morning.

I'm grateful that I started trying to play music online recently, which from a rational state of mind, it doesn't look like it makes any sense:

"Jerry, you don't have a business trying to make music. You don't know anything about music. How can you possibly try and make music and do it live in front of people? No one's going to want to watch that."

I did it a few months ago and I'm grateful, especially if you watched. It looks like a thousand of people watched the first try and I think a lot of us had a lot of fun together, and if you didn't have any fun or you didn't watch, I invite you. Would you like to join sometime? I think this is a lot of fun, I'm enjoying it.

I was looking around this morning on the Image-Line website, which is the company that makes FL Studio 12, that's what I used to produce music.

I found on the website where you could get samples, loops and extra presets, all for a bundle up price where you could save 65% and just buy all of them at once and get all of them downloaded and available in the program.

I was thinking just before I did my first music live stream that it might be nice to have some samples because most of the tutorials I've seen for using FL Studio, I was watching a class this morning, the instructor has lots of samples that he uses and he says, "Samples are very common. That's how musicians put new music together."

You take a sample of something, you put it in, you put several different samples, you make a few different loops. Maybe you put a few of your own samples you create or different sounds. You basically put all these samples together or these existing loops together, you play around these things and try to make a song out of it.

Deadmau5 says you don't need to have any pride about making samples. I was going to just essentially make all my own samples. I was going to try and go through and strike a key on the keyboard at different points and make a sample out of it. He explicitly discouraged that.

He says, "That takes way too long." He explains that I could make a song in maybe 10 hours, but if you tried to do all of those samples yourself, if you could even do them, it would take 100 hours or something along those lines.

It takes about 10 times as long to do all your own samples. So I found the samples on the Image-Line website and I got 65% off to buy all of them. I added them to the cart and I said, "Yes, this is great."

The cost is $1,300, more than I paid for the software itself at the highest level, including Deadmau5's XFER loop pack that he has, and as many loops and samples that I probably need for the next year. Tons of loops and samples, all kinds of things covered. An incredible library to play with, like bringing, in terms of music production, an entire library of congress of sounds that I can play with. A huge value!

I have a credit line of $36,000 on the credit card and I have a balance of something like $500 on it right now, which I pay off every month. Therefore, $1,300 is a reasonable expense in the context of my business. I can write that off as an expense and I would hope it would be extremely useful. Rationally, it's a reasonable expense.

When I sat down to actually make the purchase, I was gripped with fear: "Well, this will be it. This will put you over. I'll be bankrupt over this $1,300 purchase. You don't need this, Jerry."

I thought that people online were going to say, "That's so stupid. You don't need all those samples. You're not going to know what to do with all those. Why don't you just buy one at a time?"

I was just gripped with that same kind of fear that I had about getting AIDS off of a berry on a bush in a forest, a little red berry.

Sure, a ridiculous fear of a third grader, but it's not me sitting there, looking at some numbers on a screen, on a computer, gripped with fear, as if something was threatening my life or my family's life.

Isn't that a ridiculous fear of a 33-year old?

It's not that just as ridiculous as the fear that I had as a child?

I'm grateful today that I have the courage to keep moving forward because I never would've started my business if I had been gripped by fear and thought about all the things that could go wrong.

Looking over five and a half years now, a lot of things went wrong. I've realized that there's a lot more things that could go wrong. A lot of things have gone wrong, things you wouldn't even imagine to worry about.

I looked at it and I said, "Is this the right thing to do? Will this be very helpful for making music? Will this allow me to do much better work? Will this allow me to advance what I'm doing? Will this be helpful for other people who are hoping to listen to my music? Will this be helpful for me to make a video you might enjoy?"

The answers to those were clearly yes. The sample library will be incredible and I've been working on downloading it now. I went ahead and bought it. I have the cash on hand to pay for it and so why not go ahead and buy it?

Then, as soon as I did it, the fear disappeared.

Fear of trying something new

When I went to do the first live stream making music, I was gripped with the similar kind of fear, just mostly feeling kind of stupid.

"You can't step up and try to make music like this, you have no business doing this. There are people out there that actually know how to play music and they're the ones that should be doing this, not you."

The same kind of thing, actually, and I found a bunch of different ways to stall. I literally figured out how to live stream on Twitter because I was trying to stall. I figured out how to live stream on Twitter so fast, that then I was back to the drawing board.

"All right, well, I've got three more hours. I guess it's time to either do this thing or to realize that I'm not going to do it."

I think that life is happier when I consistently show up and do my work, and my work is whatever you need it to be each day, whatever the world or we collectively need it to be each day.

Earlier this morning, it was to sit down with my daughter and feed her breakfast and to me, that work is often easier to enjoy than this, which is amazing, fun work compared to almost every job I did before.

I think that a lot of things in our lives happen because when we see that fear, we often back down. I say 'see that fear' in the context that it doesn't make sense, where what you stand to gain from working through the fear is huge and what you stand to lose from it, is almost nothing.

Fear of the known and unknown

I tell this story here and there about the 90 days after going to my Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It wasn't the first one, I've been to one when I was 21, but I went to one when I was 29 and I was serious about getting sober.

After about 90 days, I really wanted to drink again and it was brutal. It was like suffocating to death and I was insane. I was split in these multiple personalities and both personalities agreed to go to one parking lot because I knew I needed to physically relax. I was terrified of all the possibilities. I was terrified to go in the liquor store again.

As I sat there, in front of the liquor store and in front of Massage Envy, I was terrified to do anything and that surprised me because rationally, I understood why I was terrified to go in the liquor store after suicide attempts, drunk driving all over the place and thousands of little, stupid, nasty, hurtful, shameful things. I understood why I was afraid to go in the liquor store because I had an insurmountable, hopefully to almost reasonable people, amount of evidence beyond any reasonable doubt that for me specifically, that was a bad idea. I understood why I was afraid to do the same thing I've done so many times before, as if I put my hand on a hot burner a thousand times and was afraid to do it again. That was a good, healthy fear.

Then I looked in the Massage Envy and I was afraid to go in there too. That struck me as strange because the fear of going in the liquor store was so understandable. It was so easy to see why I was afraid to go in there, but why was I afraid to go in the Massage Envy? That didn't make any sense.

I could find no rational reason why I was afraid to go in there, except that I didn't know what my life would look like if I went in there and if I actually found a different way to relax that didn't require getting wasted, having 10, 20, 30 shots of liquor over a 5, 10, 15, 20 hour period.

If I didn't find an alternative, I realized that I was going to have a problem, but when I had an alternative presented right in front me, I was afraid to take it. It was suggested by a AA member. They said, "Well, why don't you try getting a massage? You need to lighten up a little bit. I got a massage and it helped me."

Then, I saw that I was afraid to literally do anything, that somehow that little fear I had as a third grader about getting AIDS from eating berries in the forest, which obviously I'm grateful didn't materialize, that little fear somehow got wrapped into my entire existence, that literally just breathing and continuing to go on was something to be scared of, that either I would be somehow hurt or in pain, or I'd lose everything, that pretty much no matter what happened in life, I was afraid of it.

I'm grateful that I walked into Massage Envy, the fear spell kind of broke because for the first time in a long time, instead of being stopped by fear of the unknown, I simply essentially just took a plunge into the unknown.

So many times before, I'd chosen to push through fear of the known misery, that consistent and predictable misery. I'm not suggesting to just go out and do something stupid, but to have a little awareness of where fear is stopping progress. At the same time, to have awareness of where fear is healthy. I felt lots of fear lots of the times I drank and I did it anyway.

Doing something that's poisoning and hurting you, and causing problems, is not a fear you want to just work through and keep doing. I'm grateful today looking at so many of the fears I have experienced that I put myself in the position to experience them.

Fear of being caught!

I was so afraid of getting a speeding ticket for years because I drove over the speed limit all the time. I actually made it, I got stopped eight or ten times before I got a speeding ticket, every time going at least 5 miles an hour, usually 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, as much as 25 or so miles an hour over the speed limit sometimes without even getting a ticket.

Finally, I got stopped in a speed trap area, where they just gave everyone tickets, I wasn't a police officer then. I got stopped in a lot of places and just showed my badge and got out of it. I got stopped in this one place and I got a speeding ticket there. That didn't even slow me down. I finally realized that I didn't have to be afraid of speeding if I would just slow down.

Then, I tried to slow down and I asked myself why is it so hard to slow down? Why is it I have a hard time eliminating the behavior that produces the fear?

Then, it's realization like I have an addiction to fear, that I like being afraid. I like that feeling of stress and uncertainty. I like that little buzz I get going 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit, and then all the mental activities.

"Well, if the officer stops me, then I'm going to say this, and then…"

Now I have a much better life because I just drive slower.

I set this cruise control to maybe three miles an hour or over if I want to get somewhere fast and at that speed, if I get pulled over, I'm happy to get a ticket and I don't worry about it then. I figure that's a standard deviation above. If some cop has a bad day and stops me going three miles an hour over, I'll be happy to take the ticket.

I figure that's a good driving speed generally for safety as well, that if you drive under the speed limit sometimes that may be more challenging for other drivers than going over it, but I tried to aim for the speed limit today for the first time ever since I started driving.

As soon as I could even barely drive a car, I started aiming to drive 5, 10 or 15 miles an hour over the speed limit. Most of my adult life, I aimed to go 10 over the speed limit, even if I didn't need to.

Today, I'm learning that I don't have to put myself in all these situations that generate fear. Then, when I do have a situation like this morning, where I'm trying to make some progress and move forward, I'm able to just walk through the fear instead of getting stopped by it.

What happened a lot in my life was that the places I needed to work through my fear, I wouldn't, and the places I needed to respect my fear, like alcoholism, I would just keep going into those over and over again. I would essentially choose the fear that I was most comfortable facing.

I would choose the predictable misery of the hangover, the predictable misery of acting like an idiot, the predictable misery of getting stopped by a police officer or being afraid the whole time of going too fast. I would choose that predictable misery instead of just trying to drive the speed limit. I don't remember ever trying to just drive the speed limit if I wasn't drunk driving and when I was drunk driving, even sometimes I'd go way over the speed limit. I'd go 40 or 50 miles an hour over the speed limit sometimes drunk driving.

After looking at all these fears I've had in my life, today it's amazing to see how they've disappeared.

Where are all those fears today?

Where are all those things that I thought would be so terrible?

I remember being terrified of being banned from Udemy, a website I had 72 courses on a year ago.

I remember being terrified of getting banned from Udemy and guess what?

I got the email that I got banned from Udemy and there my fears were, and you know what?

It wasn't that bad.

In fact, it's allowed me to make a lot of improvements, it's allowed me to do things I wouldn't have done if I had been allowed to continue teaching on there. It's allowed me to have a lot of fun playing video games full-time to test out a lifelong fantasy.

Do your really want to play video games full-time?

Here you go, you can do it.

Amazingly, I discovered that I don't want to play video games full-time. I don't want video games to be my main job.

Isn't that amazing, to get to try some kind of lifelong fantasy like that?

I'm grateful today to see that facing fear of the unknown in a healthy way has gigantic rewards. I now have wonderful ways to consistently relax on a daily basis, rather it's prayer, meditation, massage, going to a AA meeting, relaxing with my family at the end of the day, taking the dogs for a walk, or just taking a shower at the end of the evening.

I find that all these fears of the unknown I've been through were really the biggest blocks to happiness in my life. Each time I step into a fear of the unknown, I take a leap of faith and I get a big boost of happiness. In the 24 to 48 hours that passed since walking through the fear, I had just this feeling of euphoria, just a wonderful connection with the world after working through my fear of trying to make music online.

Thank you very much for reading this written version of episode 133 of Happier People Podcast.

My exercise today is to remember when I get in the middle of a fear, no matter what it is, that it will go away. Often, it will be replaced by another fear, or maybe if I step into and take a leap of faith into the unknown, if I act on what I know is right, then maybe I won't have any fear for a little while.

My exercise today is to remember this the next time a fear comes up. It's not that I don't have fears come up in my life, it's that I consistently handle them. I don't try to just dodge them, I try to handle them when they come up, to look at them, face them, and take the right action.

Thank you very much for being here with me today.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Jerry Banfield with edits by @gmichelbkk

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As humans we have to get out of the comfort zone and conquer new territory. It's a psychological need. No wonder the hero myth is our most priced story.


Yes it is funny how hard we work to be comfortable only to suffer in that comfort!


We don't really want to be comfortable, it's a fantasy most people will never find out isn't what they actually wanted.

Hey Jerry,

What is your take on these people that are attacking other people on steemit? I feel it is going to destroy the coin and this site. I posted this under fuckyou. Please resteem this.


The fear of crypto being worth ZERO


Confess when you are afraid. I do that as much as I can. I say to myself that I am scared or feel uncomfortable or not happy or angry or in terror. Honesty and integrity and character and transparency is an early step in making progress.


At first I was afraid, then I was petrified.


love that song in the music video with dancing gay Jesus in the streets of NYC

Love how you have the courage to express yourself in the face of fear. Hope your music goes well, you are and inspiration to all of us. See you at the Florida Steemit Meetup!


Agreed. Dare To Be a Daniel. I see dead people. Pokemon, gotta catch em fears.

Great post Jerry. My grandfather always said,the fear of a thing is not real, it only exists in your mind. Fear can only exist in the future in your mind, and if that is so, it has no place in the present. He would also say "Action destroys fear". l It took me a lot of living to really understand what he meant.


@orionschariot thank you for sharing the words of wisdom from your grandfather here with us!

I have been very fearful of things that happened in my life. In my opinion the key to overcoming our fears. We have to be Aware that our fears is what causes havoc in our lives. It's easy for us to get attached to our thoughts and feelings that we think they are all that exist, Which couldn't be further from the truth. I think it's important that to know we are not our fears!!! We are the Awareness that Experiences it. @jerrybandfield "Thank You For Sharing This Great Post"


Agreed. Know thy fear. Know thyself. It helps in the process.

I had a crazy fear that my epic illustrated flash-fiction story wasn’t going to earn $200 in four days. That fear has just materialized, lol.


No worries @arekwolf - maybe my 2-3 cent upvote will appreciate 10,000 times and be worth $200 soon ;)


I remember having only 2-3 cent votes so heres upvotes to both of you :D


Nice! Cheers for looking out for the 2 cent brigade ♨


Ha ha, thanks and you’ve got mine back.


Hold on we go 🌊🐳 hehe


lol , I made a post 3 hours ago and I've got no cent and i'm okay


Whaaat, it's such a good post too!


You must be mentally tough , man!

I have been loving your inspiring and motivational posts. You really have a lot of wisdom to share with people!


@quinneaker thank you very much for telling me that you love the inspirational posts here because that motivates me to keep doing more instead of all posts about Steemit and making money online!


Yea money is important in some ways but the real value is in our emotions, mental and spiritual health.
Family, health, love, happiness are the real importance. I far prefer it and your advise seems to be very sound so far.

you make me smile :)


Put a smile on your face and make the world brighter one oatmeal at a time.



Fear that happens in the moment, that alerts you body that something is wrong. That is good fear!

Fear of something that might happen someday in the unknown future that prevents you from making progress forward in life. That is bad fear!

Fear is not always bad, but bad fear is always bad!

Actually fear if used wisely... hmmm.. Actually fear is very useful and effective mechanic of human brain. Did you notice how your body stiffens and freezes when you are in great fear?

It is a protective mechanism. When you encounter something unknown it is supposed to give you time to stop and think over and take an alternative action (test yourself for testicles cancer for example). Body releases huge amounts of adrenaline, that makes the heart beat faster, thus providing additional flow of blood and oxygen to your brain to work more effective. It can stop you speeding by tensing your muscles, it can stop your spontaneous expenses and that is why companies are putting huge amounts of money into different research of customer psychology or how in general brain works to release those brakes, so you feel safe and secure and spend your hard earned cash (they play relaxing music, induce you with different smells, use special colors in the packaging etc etc) It requires of course a separate post and is too long for a comment, but fear is supposed to make you to do more rational decisions (that's another reason why they give you free drinks in casinos and that's why you will not a single clock on a gambling floor). Another type of "fear" that prevents you from any constructive activity and leads to procrastination is not fear actually. It has different origin. But again it requires a separate blog post. The story you have told provides many amusing parallels however and is an enjoying read.


@bescouted, agreed. Bad fear is not good fear. We might want to find a different word to describe bad fear. Maybe terror. Maybe cowardliness. Good fear might be perspective which is opportunity towards courage. We can take risks & we can be more careful when challenged. Fear is often too much of an emotion, a feeling, & we have bad habits of overreacting to stuff.
We can choose and learn how to not take things too personally and then we can rise and become stronger as we learn to deal with hard stuff that feels scary and everything. Coaches motivates athletes beyond and past limits and way beyond what the athletes and players ever thought possible. The players become stronger and faster and better because they were able and willing to work hard and was willing to be guided even while feeling scared and stuff. Joey Oatmeal.


@joeyarnoldvn wanna ask you question , what if you fear something because of nonsense thoughts and you firmly believe those are superstitious even though you couldn't stop yourself


Fear is all around us each day. There are different reasons for fear and for feelings and emotions. The word "NONSENSE" is a loaded word that has a predefined definition and ideology according to you and to most people already prematurely through assumptions and judgment that are not fully studied and investigated scientifically and historically and psychologically and anthropologically and so on.........
We may feel that we can or cannot stop or go or whatever. But how we feel or think or say or believe is not the same as what we can or cannot do absolutely and it is not related to what we will or will not do either....
Nonsense may or may not be a nothing burger of a word.
Superstition is another word that is loaded with a bunch of predefined notions and so on...........
I choose not to fear..... I choose to do what I love to do and to do what I love through objectivity as defined by what we all know is already there....


thank's for the thorough reply


I think "the bad fear" as you put it might very well be called cowardliness or lack of determination. Fearing responsibility for your actions is not exactly the same a fear itself :)

Great post like always, makes me remember some of my own childhood fears. I was home alone and my parents didn't pick up the phone and I somehow convinced myself that they had died in a car crash

Fear is as real as you make it be. I think everyone is fearful of something or other. Finding peace within yourself is a great way to overcome it.


Agreed. Fear and many things are often only what we make of it. We limit ourselves too much. Live in a universe of what you can do and not in what you cannot do. Focus first on appreciation. Have a win win attitude. Fear often comes from negative perspectives.


@joeyarnoldvn yes we limit ourselves , we need to step out of our comfort zone to give the the chance to great things to happen


Reminds me of Top Gun. I have a need for speed.


Ever so true and beautifully put! Even the TG part haha :) Lovely day to you!


I could not say it better thanks :)


And thank you for stopping by!


Your welcome and have a nice day :)

This is a very nice note to self Jerry. I am sure a lot of us can relate to this. Fear is a very powerful emotion when used correctly. I was going to hit follow, but learned that I already am. I in fact up-voted some of your other videos and posts in the past.


Agreed. Fear helps when used correctly like other tools as well.

I had fear of darkness as a child but with time I conquered that! :)

Fear keeps us in check but also can hold one's full potential back. It is always good to break the fear barrier. Good post!


Love Star Wars but Vader fell to fear, the beginning of the dark side.

Fear - is invention of evolution !
With out it we all would be dead … =]
But some times our fears geting over us. And some of them a real stupid !
But when you push yourself trough that fear and finally over come them … In the end you just have smile and confidence in your self !

I have fear of change and not knowing what it will bring. I also have fear of failure (which actually probably makes me fail anyways)


Change is one of the biggest fears for everybody everywhere. Remedy comes mostly in perspective in our freedoms of our choices, our decisions, through repeated habits..... as we encourage ourselves to escape our comfort zones, then we rise like birds to see change as opportunity and as destiny unto legacy.


Life is change. The less things change the more dead they seem. You're not afraid of change you're afraid the change will feel like you're moving down rather than up. I find it helpful to remember that you can't resent the going down too much because otherwise you wouldn't be able to know what up was. Sensitive skin allows you to feel pleasure but also allows you to feel pain. In the same way you can't have light without darkness, you can't have life without death, order without chaos. Our whole experience is perception of contrast and without that contrast we might just as well say we're dead.


thank you. I agree that things would seem as good if you are not going through some hard time

You are right, in life we ​​go through so many things and we are usually afraid of anything. Normally, fear is produced by new things, unknown things. What we do not know and do not want to risk knowing.

I, right now, am afraid that my projects will not go as planned. I am afraid that my business will fail, although there is no indication that this will happen.

I am afraid that I can not fulfill my dream of working as a musician and living composing songs.

There are so many things that we face day by day, and the fear is constant in all occasions.

But if we do not face those fears, we will never know how far we can go.

Life is too short to live in fear. We never know when something is going to happen to us. We do not know when we're going to die. So is it worth living in fear? Is it worth to stop trying?
Life is short! We have to live it well!


Agreed. Life is too short. I would rather fail after trying my best than regret it later.

fear is something that must be eradicated

I do agree that we should know our fear better instead our goal to get success in ife

Every one of us have one fear or the other either during our Childhood or as adults. In some people, these fears fizzle out with time but some others live with it.

Good post @jerrybanfield - reminds of the Mark Twain quote

“I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”

Now, while many of my fears have been justified, far more were just irrational mind nonsense. I've accepted that I'll probably never shake fear completely, but I can for the most part 'walk through it' unscathed. Also, being able to humble myself to the point that I really don't know jack actually eases the shadowy nemesis lurking behind.

The way I see it, it's extremely arrogant to assume I know what the future holds, so who am I to justify my own trepidations and anxieties?

Just my 70% 2 cents ;)

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Fear for any new thing is natural.
Fear can be over come by continuously doing the fearest thing .


Lions face fear daily. Lions learn to have confidence in identity which gives you wings.

This is a good example for my life

everybody fears but later we will all be up again

U right. Boss please follow me back and upvote and restem my vote also. Am a student trying to make ends meet.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please follow me @evyarts.


thanks for coming

having fear is natural

i'm also used to fear of trying something new , once upon a time when i was 13 years old, I went to attend my first session of swimming training and i was petrifies to touch the water , i went there three times and then i refuse to go down in the pool it was scar the shit out of me ,till i gain the courage to try and i found it wonderful , then i look back and say to myself what a coward person i used to be ! i realize that everything make you fearful you have to try it once you done you will notice that you wasting time in fear and then you enjoy and you regret every moment of feat cuz it just prevented you from fantastic experience , you remind me with the quote that says that our fears is just thought wondering in our minds associated with pain once you try these thoughts tend to disappear in a blink of an eye .
i made a recent post about people who recognize they're wasting their lives lately and i'd love to share it with you hope you see it and tell me your opinion if you want take a look you will find the post in the top of my blog . have a great day @jerrybanfield

All the fears you had made you stronger and bold, for good. Now you're stronger than ever, capable than ever and now you can face all your fear without even blinking an eye. The @jerrybanfield we have today is that hard working person who defeated all his fears. I would love to join for a lunch or a dinner If I ever get a chance. I learned a lot from you and your posts always do impact me positively.
Hey, I didn't hear your music video. When did you share it and where? I'd love to hear it. Give me a link.
Keep your good work going. A big thumbs up for your learning spirit.


"Now you're stronger than ever, capable than ever and now you can face all your fear without even blinking an eye" love this part that's really how things work , all fears are just thoughts so if you fear of failure you need to fail to stop being fearful once you do what you fear of you wouldn't fear anymore , that's will increase your abilities and make stronger than you used to be


Thank you @mostafa1 . You're going in the right direction. Wish you too all the success my friend.

I've crossed way to many bridges that i did not need to cross

Fear is a strange thing @jwerrybanfield... but one of the best learned lessons from one of my mentors was basically this: "our THOUGHTS about a thing tend to be far scarier than the THING, itself!"

I think that holds particularly true when it comes to fears.

Love how you have the courage to express yourself in the face of fear. Hope your music goes well, you are and inspiration to all of us. See you at the Florida Steemit Meetup!

Fear can block positive progress. Fear can also protect us. According to NLP there is towards and away from responses. Fear is the mind's way to keep us out of trouble. We have to ask ourselves if the fear is rational and realistic. Walking across the parking lot during a lightning storm may be a smart thing to avoid. Not spending money on something that may be wasteful could be good. But taking a chance for a possible bigger reward is really investing. Right now I am struggling with fear about my financial situation. And I am believing God loves me and will provide. Resting in faith.


Agreed. Fear can be a block, a blind spot, a limitation in perspective.

Fear always grip, when someone is moving towards the end of adolesent stage. Please follow me back

I FEAR DEATH @jerrybanfield

Thanks to you for being so open and honest. Living with fear is one of the worst thing that can happen to someone and one way or another we have to find the way to get out of it. unfortunately is very easy to say than to put it in practice.

To overcome self-fears is the first thing to conquer the self. Once you conquer the self you are ready to conquer your dreams.
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Wow, another great long in-depth post Jerry!

Fear is a good thing, it is anxiety that is worrisome. Fear should be channelised for good things and one would experience good outcomes out of fear. I personally as a dentist Have a close encounter with Fear on daily basis (i suppose u got what i meant😛) but how you channelise that fear of oneself or anyother person is what matters more. If one fails to channel the fear, it grows into anxiety and some grey hairs are coming your way soon enough if anxiety rings your

Lovely writeup@jerrybanfield,am one of your ardent fan.To me FEAR -simply means False Evidence Appearing Real.Fear has brought countless limitations to future potentials,overcome your fears and reach for the stars.Followed,upvoted and post resteem.Kindly follow back

Thanks for sharing. voted.
please do follow me @justyy for great posts as well :)

Most fears are overblown...

I fear the most unlogical things that may not even happen everyday. I got 99 problems and 86 of them are these and it's killing me with the anxieties. So heavy. Sorry for a sad reply 😐. One of the things I enjoy everyday I reading and watching your videos mate. Have a good day


don't let overthinking of what might happen consume your spirit you're stronger than that, just let things flow ,eventually things which made you anxious you will be thankful for them because it made you better person.


Thank you @mostafa1 .. I too kept telling myself and hoping that eventually these fear, pain and anxiety would help me be a better person eventually. Thank you for re-assuring that..I feel bit better now 😉


Yes. Holding onto too much makes us heavy with burden. Confession is a process that helps us let it go to break lose to become more free like birds to fly over fears & walkers.


Thank you. I long for the freedom...hopefully one day (soon) i shall overcome this

Well spoken. You spent time on this I see .

Have no fear my dear ;-)

Hi @jerrybanfied you really are the content king huh!

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Wrote about this on

We all have fears..sometimes weird fears.


of course, we have fears and we have the will to overcome them

Los miedos en sus diferentes caras de igual manera nos paralizan y nos impiden disfrutar avanzar en la vida, practicamente hay personas que no viven existen porque esta dominadas por algun temor¡ es triste.

Fear, if we have sometimes i'll be good and sometimes it's bad.

Sir plz help me by upvote iam very poor

My exercise today is to remember when I get in the middle of a fear, no matter what it is, that it will go away.

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jerrybanfield You Are Awesome

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... said no investor, ever.

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Nice write up. Take a look at this WISDOM WRITE up . Please upvote and resteem am a student trying to make ends meet through Steemit. thanks

"... being afraid you will not like this post"

Your best joke so far!

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