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To and fro it sways like a peaceful tsunami
Folded and loaded like the riffles of an army
Blowing beautiful feelings that blows the state of mind away
The preyer that prey on a prey
A Bae with the body of bay
The death of a king when the queen slay
Light that light the world; The light that makes the sun ray
She's a bad beach, hotter than a sunny day
Count the bodies! It's a body count, She put everybody to lay
She means everything to Him; The life and death of Him
She means every bit of Him; His life till the death of Him
Woman of His dream, the dream that killed His dream
The grim that dim the gleam
She's a bad beach, the naked weapon the clothed lies
Her chills kills whenever He lick Her ice
Her breeze is a cursed bliss
The world war that take away the world's peace
She's a bad beach, the good witch
Her goodwill is to throw Your goodwill down the ditch

Stay away from the bad beach! Stay away
Don't let Her cyclone clone You, don't let it blow You away
Stay away from a bad beach! Stay far away
Don't get into Her carrier and get carried away
Stay away from the bad beach! She can never lead to the ray
For She's only looking for a victim to lead astray.

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