Breaking Into The Pioneer Circle

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Hello wonderful steemians welcome to my blog once more,I am @jessicool I will be facilitating today on a topic

"Breaking into the pioneer Circle

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a pioneer is a person or an entity who is the first or part of the earliest of an enterprise or course or invention.

So any one with the idea of how we can break the pioneer circle? A pioneer circle is being amongst the earliest or starter in a venture, course or enterprise.

How to break the pioneer circle Breaking into the Pioneer Circle is possible when you against all odds decide to inspire yourself to put life into your ideas, concepts and dreams.

  1. Identify yourself/path: we have seen many who have dreams, ideas etc start and crumble due to wrong path decision. This is the first step to breaking the circle. If you can identify who you are and the path that suits you, your would be sufficiently motivated to keep going against all odds. This is because you will find things fun adventurous and so.
    I had identified myself and path since my university days. I started my first business at the age of 10. A shoe repairing business, in front of our house. Growing up in an extended family setting, I always run lot of erands of shoe polishing and repairs. So, I spent a lot of time at the repairers shop so I ended up knowing how to do all that stuff, so I gladly setup my little business. Though my parents were against me and made me stop at the time.

  2. Develop and Focus: After you know who you are or the path that you belong, the next is to develop yourself in your focused area.
    While I had discovered I am made for the business world. Then I didn't know I had to focus on an area then build capacity in that area. It was brought to my consciousness during my NYSC days in Kano. Though, I served in a primary school, that closed by 1pm. I assigned my self to another PPA at a company Land Air And Sea. I was there purposely to learn the exportation of some products like gum Arabic, zobo leave etc. But I was placed in the travel and tours department. Then, I had to network to meet the chairman of the company, who became a good friend of mine. Then, I told him that I wanted to learn business. He asked me a question which I couldn't answer.

He asked me what business do you want to learn? That I should be specific. I replied again I wanted to learn business generally. Then he told me that's not possible, that they are into different businesses & sectors. Textile , Zobo leave, gum Arabic, travel agency, bureau de change etc. He told me to go and decide what kind of business I want to learn, then come back. For a whole year of serving in that company I couldn't phantom the specific business I wanted to learn and I kept going back to see the chairman. But he built the consciousness of focus in me.

  1. Follow:
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Focus is key but leadership and experience is mandatory. Before starting up I had to build a lot of capacity following great leaders in agriculture, business and ICT. Befor you can become a good leader, you have to be a good follower. You need to learn from industry leaders and garner a lot of experience.

  1. Build Capacity: There is a saying that capacity trumps tittle. This is a great step in breaking the circle. If you can build enough capacity you would be drawn into the circle automatically. I met some of my team members in my university days while trying to build an online platform that failed at the time. I learnt from that fall and build relationships, which came in handy to my current establishment.
    There are a lot of sectors and capacity cannot be built in all, only when you have focus and are build capacity to that effect. That's why they are relevant and remain relevant.

  2. Network: There is also a saying that, you are the result of 3 things. The books you read, the friends you keep and the environment you find yourself. Keep friend that are a motivation to your course, surround yourself in favourable environment that gives you the fuel needed to keep on moving. Because this would come in handy in breaking the circle.

When I wanted to start my own business, I needed a team and about 1.5million naria but I was able to reduce that to about half through leveraging my networks.

  1. Lead:
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At every step you take from identifing your path, you should be preparing yourself for this stage "leadership" because you will have to lead eventually.

When the time is right you will need to summon that courage and take up the leadership role. Because that's what the pioneer circle is all about. You being able to lead yourself before leading others.


Finally, you must learn to improve and iterate fast, all along the way through your development. Its is this that's stands you out and make you remain relevant.
Conclusively, there is no clear cut step by step process to breaking the pioneer circle. It can only be view on a personal perspective and experience.

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you another time please

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