A life without Internet

3년 전

Greetings steemianst after a long time without connection return from the ashes as the phoenix to contribute from the bottom of my soul.

For a long time I have heard that for God 1 day is like 1000 years and 1000 years is like 1 day and I do not know if this is true but I can say by self-verification that in a world where technological advances are per second "1 DAY WITHOUT CONNECTION TO INTENET IS AS 1000 YEARS WITHOUT CONNECTION".

In a globalized world where communication through multiple social networks and connections on all sides, it is difficult to think that you can live without internet, and I do not exaggerate saying that it is impossible to "Survive" without internet, especially because to carry out mobilizations of money, purchase and sale of items or food through multiple transfers and connections is essential a good connection to the "precious treasure" as it is the internet, which can not be done or specify if there is no connection or communications are experienced falling in every moment.



Although it is said that human beings are adsorbed in the cybernetic world which eats away at our soul and turns us into meaningless machines, forgetting about the wonderful gifts that nature or the environment that surrounds us gives us, which is not entirely true because the existential sense of man is the evolution and technological growth is living proof of this evolution, for which it can not be classified as evil or adverse the technological process to the sense of the human being.

Both go hand in hand as the Internet facilitates relationships between people, facilitates better mobility of purchasing power, establishes parameters of entrepreneurship, generates progress in multiple areas of research and leads to a wider and globalized world leaving behind the archaic methods of a retrograde world.



For a common man it is difficult to live without being able to connect to the precious treasure of the Internet, after having a custom of years where this facilitated everything in life. Let's say that for a person to whom the internet connection is eliminated and he knows that he will not be able to recover it again is like going through a process of detoxification of any drug in the world, where multiple experiences are lived:

1.- Time of rage (cursing all those politicians of our country).
2.- Time of love (when you begin to speak with love to your modem or computer so that the internet returns).
3.- Time of anger 2nd part (cursing all those politicians of our country and the directors of your internet provider)

  1. Time of Faith (You seek to pray or ask any higher power so that through miraculous methods your internet returns).
    5.- Time of anger 3rd part (Insulting and cursing everything that comes to mind)
    6 .- Time of resignation (This time is relative since in your subconscious you are still hopeful that in a few moments the internet will return in which you look at the modem every 30 seconds waiting for everything to return as before).
This last time is long and extensive and varies with each person since it is the beginning of the detoxification process where for a long time you spend with uncontrollable desires to check your social networks, to communicate with the outside world, even if it is to see the monitor screen and know that the internet opened you and that it does not say "NO INTERNET CONNECTION".

Conexión a Internet Fallida.png

It is a moment that no one is wished for, where all your dreams are broken, your face fills with despair, your heart beats faster, your mind begins to think in a thousand reasons to no longer live in this world, you feel weakness in the body, want to cry and run around trying to make time go by and everything is a bad dream in which at any time you wake up and everything will be fine, only when you open your eyes everything remains the same and you do not know what do with your life.


Although you can not live without the Internet, the human being struggles tirelessly so that technological progress continues to grow and interpersonal communications are achieved effectively without returning to archaic and non-existent processes. Although it must be admitted:




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