Dialogues about Eternity.

4년 전

When we go out into the street we find ourselves with a saturated world for the senses, we walk driven by customs and experiences, we walk by only the body and the flesh. But what is beyond the bright light of the Sun? What is beyond the deep darkness of the night?

This is not about thinking or complicating more existence, this is about learning to let go and develop. Get away a bit from everything that keeps us busy, get away a bit from everything that keeps us distracted. This is about learning to live the present moment, the closest to the heart.

I would like you to accompany me on my way, through the dialogues of Eternity, through the dialogues of Love ... Through the dialogues of the Absolute. It is an endless path in which the more we define the more we move away from biatitude, the more we move away from what will always be and never was, because it is simply what it is.

We will walk aimlessly towards the end of everything, if we return or not it is the decision of each one.

Beautiful day!

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