From Bidi to Humanity.

4년 전

Today, you are in the time of simplicity and simplification. In addition, you have been told that the Light was simple and obvious. If that is not the case, it is that you have not rediscovered yourself, you are still playing, you are projecting scenarios, stories. You have complete freedom and all the latitudes, to carry out those games, but where does the game begin? Where does the consciousness begin? In a-consciousness, that which is beyond, that is before and after the Light and that is expressed everywhere, is manifested in each expression and in each projection, as well as in each Acceptance.

Then, I would like that in the hours that we are going to spend together, do not question, but affirm yourselves, not in a parochial truth, but that you bear witness with your words. Suffering is only an area, a state, a part of the body, a time, a space that you have not found and that is not yet clear, not on the outside, but on the inside, by the Acceptance. Maria has always been told and said again, recently, that she was in you and that, even if the place where you are in this world made you feel something from the outside, like a relationship or a contact, you are asked to see that that is in you, that it is you.

Welcoming has nothing to do with hosting a guest. Here is the question of accepting yourselves, of accepting the Light, not of an external source or of a brighter being, but of yourselves, welcoming yourselves, where nothing can resist, nothing can be opposed, nothing can be dialectical , where everything is Evidence. The Liberated Living sees Evidence everywhere, and this evidence has nothing to do with understanding or explanation. It is about applying to this world a new look that, of course, does not judge, but a full and whole look that sees everything not only with one eye, but with both, with consciousness, with feeling, with concepts, with the affections and without effort.

In addition, the Light does not know the effort, and keep in mind that you have been sold for millennia, the idea that you have to make efforts to improve, become a saint, become good, that there were karmas to eliminate, things to solve. But the only thing that needs to be resolved is the direction of your consciousness: projection / Acceptance. Who says projection, says time and space; who says Acceptance, says end of time and space, Freedom. Not the freedom to come and go on the scene of the game, which you always have here or elsewhere, but the freedom to be true, without false appearances, without dissimulation, without illusions, without visions, without history.

Therefore, I would like that the reflections, more than the questions, that we are going to exchange, be useful to all of you, not to reflect, not to know if it is true or false, but to really install you, in this "saint of the saints" , to see the interior beyond all vision - it does not matter if it is etheric, of the heart or of the third eye -, to see with the conscience, the Truth. But even this truth, seen beyond any projection. I would say that you must also return to the previous thing related to your life and go back to the source of your sense of being an individual, around three / four years old. Today, in the intimate mechanisms of your person, do not ask questions, accept. You do not need mantras, you do not need external temple, you do not need the look of the other, you do not need me or you, just the opposite.

There is Eternity. Seeing it there, in the "saint of the saints", you will see it everywhere, both in this world and in every game of consciousness outside this world. And I think that, in addition, the Source has called that: the Oath and the Promise. But the Oath and the Promise have already arrived, they are updated, you have already been told. What have you done with it?

Welcome Accept it, first of all, Here and Now and remember, I repeat, that no effort is required. It is the projection that requires it, not the other way around. When I speak of Acceptance, I do not speak of the opposite of projection, which you call, I believe, "introjection"; look at the definition of this word. The Acceptance (the welcome) is not the opposite of the projection, it is the "disappearance of the projection", the annihilation of any movement of consciousness, the total immobility that is the Abode of the supreme Peace and the ecstasy. As you know, as long as a joy depends on a circumstance, an energy, an encounter, this joy is not free, it is reactive and conditioned. The Joy spoken of by the interveners, the liberated living, is nothing of all that. It is both freedom and fixity within Eternity. There is Love, because there, you are the source of Love, prior to every game.

Finding that is the key, but do not try to put that key in a door, because when you have that key, you will throw it away - there is no door. Today, the only way to escape from time, it is not to flee from him or from the times you have to live in this revelation, but to really go through that, not fighting, not wanting to protect yourself from something, but accepting. If the principle and the foundation of Acceptance are present, then there is ease, lightness and, once again, equanimity. Nobody can move what you are, whatever the movements of your body and what you have to do in ordinary life. And also you will have verified or confirmed that all obligations, even the most detestable for the person, are lived with same heart for which he is liberated from the person. It is not more valuable to run a country, than to wash dishes correctly, it is not more valuable what depends on knowledge, there is fair value and that is seen in every event, in every world, in every brother, in every sister, in every enemy, in every intruder of this world.

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