The road to Silence.

4년 전

In a certain way, we usually fill all our silence, noise. Whenever we try by nature to silence our habits intervene and activate one of those millions of programs that are in the brain: Think of the past, think of the future, regret this, calculate that ...

This really tires us and affects us, even if we do not realize it. It is a very large expenditure of energy. One solution to this is to understand the Silence.

The Silence is not to silence all external noise, but to let all internal noise flow. The world is a reflection of our interior and in this interior lies the world, and much more. Deepening we can reach very pleasant levels of Silence, moving away from the existence of thought but we must not force this Silence, we must only stop all movement of the mind, bringing us closer to a state of complete serenity and bliss.

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