The Way of the Heart

4년 전

Every day we are more automated, we do things by conditioning, this in the beginning was to accelerate the learning of young people, mimicry, according to Aristotle. But it became something else, became part of our lives, and our thoughts are automated, we are already away from what we once were, but surely we will be again!

Long ago I heard something related to the thought of the heart, I did not understand what it was. He told me: If the head already thinks, just as I listen to myself inside, how does the Heart think? And I do not even hear it!

I spent years with the insert in my head, trying to listen to "the thought of the heart", until I knew the irrational, the metaphysical and the abstract. The "thought" of the heart can never be heard, because the heart does not think, does not reason like the head, does not need to repeat itself to this internal voice to understand itself, does not redo.

The heart is a pure source, which keeps the body alive (not only biologically) but also energetically. For a long time we have been moving away from the heart, we have moved away from its emanation and purity, letting ourselves be invaded by the desires of the head.

The way of the heart is to return to this state of child, of Childhood, of innocence.
Maybe they will ask, but what is the use of being innocent today? It is true that the world has changed and has become an infinite center of thoughts, convergences and divergences that is constantly moving, but childhood is not something for to be used in this world, but in the inner world. We probably reflect what we feel, what we are, but the path of childhood and the path of the Heart are internal.

To follow the Path of the Heart you have to understand the 4 pillars in which the Heart is supported:

Transparency: Consists in being so light, in letting go of the world, that life simply passes through you.

Simplicity: Consists of flowing exactly as you should, without thinking or complicating, just letting go.

Humility: Recognize that we are limited and that we live in this world.

Childhood: Be as spontaneous and clear as a child.

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