Travel from north aceh to west aceh

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Good night all of my friend steemit

When traveling from north aceh to aceh pidie and then proceed to aceh Besar and witness the beauty of the sea and other beautiful places, then I continue to aceh jaya and there I witness the beauty of the blue and beautiful sea in coastal island ,, then I continue my journey to the west aceh that is Meulaboh there I witnessed the beauty of Almighty God's house is very beautiful and magnificent even in addition we also visited some tourist attractions there, all my trip will I the following.

Travel on the sea of ​​seumadu island of Lhokseumawe

My journey to the big aceh beach


The peak of aceh jaya gurute is very beautiful will the sea view and also the cliff on the roadside

Coastal Aceh Jaya beach and a place to go to the island highway

The great mosque of Meulaboh city

This is my journey before the month of Ramadhan

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