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Amelia Earhart was the first woman pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone
She was also interested in film direction, law, management, and mechanical engineering


Amelia Earhart
Born - 24th July 1897, Disappeared - 2nd July 1937
work - American aviator

Amelia Earhart was a famous American aviator and writer. She was the first woman to be honored with the United States Distinguished Flying Cross. This medal was given her to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, she made many other records and wrote several books describing her flying experiences. she also played an important role in the establishment of women's pilot organization called Ninety-Nines. In 1935, Amelia worked as a working teacher in the Purdue University of Indiana State and inspired women's students to pursue careers. she was born in Atchison, Kansas, her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

Amelia's childhood was very common but there was already a desire to do something different without knowing what to do. she was always fascinated to do work, which was considered to be only men's work, like film direction, law, management, mechanical engineering etc. In studies also she chooses science. so far, to become a pilot was not in this list, Father was a lawyer in business, Amelia's childhood passed through different cities such as Atchison, Kansas City, Chicago etc. After studies, she did the red cross aide nurse course And she was sent to Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto, Canada for the treatment of World War I soldiers as a nurse.

In the 1917 Christmas holidays, Amelia moved to her sister Toronto, Canada. During this time, the first world war was underway, the injured soldiers were returning for their treatment, Amelia took training from the Red Cross and became a nurse to help them, Living here, She saw a plane flying closely for the first time, but she went back and started studying medicine from Columbia University, New york In 1919, but soon her parents called her back to Califonia, She left her medical studies and went there, There she gets interested in aviation and started doing whatever job she get for paying fees for flying classes.


Amelia's First Plane

In 1922, with the help of her mother and sister, she bought her first plane "Kinner Airster". she named this plane "The Canary". Meanwhile, Her parents got divorced and she moved to Boston Massachusetts. There she met a publisher George Putnam in Boston, with whom she later married, Putnam chose her as the first female traveler to fly for Atlantic Crosses, He was very well aware of amelia's aviation experience. Because of his publications, the book published on Amelia's aviation experience had broken all the records since its releases. Amelia flew from Newfoundland to Wales with pilot Wilmer and Mechanic Louis on a three motor aircraft "friendship". Then after her adventure and courage began to be appreciated in the whole world. After the end of the journey, Amelia wrote a book called "20 hours 40 minutes".

Amelia's parents, who had been separated for a few days, came together and started living again in California, Amelia left her studies and decided that she would stay with her parents for a few days now, In 1937, during an attempt to fly circumnavigate the globe, Amelia disappeared along with the plane near the Howland Islands on Central Pacific Ocean.
The US government spent $ 4 million to find Amelia, but still a mystery.




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I should encourage my daughters to read about this great courageous lady “Amelia”

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Yea you should make them read about her, she was the great personality of all time



If I am a computer, then I more than likely need to be checked for mental viruses.


At that time Amelia was mention with word aviator in media, instead of the pilot that's why I used this word here,. So Aviator means a pilot, And I think at time plane was a biplane, not exactly which we called a plane now, that's why they were using this words. I hope I didn't make any mistake here,.. Thanks for clarification

Hello @jigsindian

Definitely, she was a woman who was born to be and to make history.

Only the fact of wanting to study, when at that time studying alone was for men and women to be at home, learning embroidery and other things from home, and that speaks of a warrior woman.
Thank you for sharing this biography, thanks to women like her is that currently women have their rights, well earned.


Yea she is still a great mentor for women, undoubtedly she was a far beyond courageous than the women of that time, still an example for women empowerment.

Thanks for reading and good that you like this post.

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you doing a great job here by encouraging people through your votes.,
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