Your Greatest Asset (Time)

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I've been thinking about what is most valuable to me. My conclusion is that time is my key asset. Everything I do in my life is geared toward acquiring more freedom to do what I want to do. Whatever I can take off my plate via technology or automation is extremely valuable. It is very difficult to maintain focus due to the complexity of the current world. I do so many things that have zero value to anyone. I'm hoping technology can continue to remove the noise in our lives and allow us to focus on what we want. I see a lot of value in platforms such as Steemit for creating more efficient communication and more focused communities.

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Time can be a greedy thing-sometimes it steals the details for itself. Time flies like an arrow. It doesn't wait for anyone. So we should make the best use of our time because time is money.


Agree - Thanks for the comment.

I never understood "time is money" until I started viewing time as an asset



An Asset should grow and flourish under your care. Time does neither – Yet time is your greatest asset. Lack of time is the greatest source of overwhelm! Change the value of this asset with Time Management.


Nice. So true.

waoo impresses me you have an excellent perspective of life very beautiful, time is the only thing that does not recover, take advantage of it

Your time is your weapon

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