The Struggle is Real ~ Maintaining that Healthy Active Lifestyle ~ Plus Some Extra

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All it takes is a little vacation and your whole routine has been thrown to the wayside and your back to square one.... or am I the only one?? It seemed like it was last year when I first took the dive to into the gym in an attempt to become a healthier me. Well here I am again, back on the sweat wagon, ready to do this again... I don’t care who you are or how long you have been “working out” the struggle to maintain is real.


I am just gonna get real for a minute... because that is only how long I can be serious. Ok... and...Go... 0:59 - 0:58 ...

I don’t find running to be “fun” in any way. Feet pounding the pavement, lungs burning, legs turning into linguine, the feeling of almost passing out... ya not so fun sounding to me. Not this guy. Now a good jog or trot I can handle, but miles and miles of running... nope not this guy. That just doesn't seem like getting the best "bang for your buck"... or is it "calorie burn per hour?" Wait... CBPH it's a new unit of measuring your workout... never-mind someone probably already coined that. Cardio just ain’t my thing, doing one exercise for that long of a time loses my interest really fast. I don’t know how to read, so sitting on a stationary bike and reading a book won’t work. Maybe Dr. Suess books on tape will work? Can I get those on iTunes? So ya. I get bored with it and want to do something else. I mean honestly sitting there running on a treadmill or using an elliptical or for an hour... not for me. I do around 10-15 minutes of cardio to get the heart rate up, get a little sweat on, and feel those lungs working to get that oxygen on my body before I keel over and pass out.... Well the seriousness didn't last too long did it? See seriousness... gone. Check out this seat!!! There is no way that can be comfortable to sit on for more than 10 min.


Shoot after 2 minutes that sucker would probably work it’s way into places unknown and uninhabited... YEEE-OWWWW. Gimme a lazy-boy with some pedals, now we are getting somewhere.
The most comfortable calorie burner... The Not-So-Lazy-Boy Stationary Bike

Anybody that works out always has somewhat of a struggle to keep going back and staying on the right track. Chris Farley as Matt Foley on a Saturday Night Live skit says it the best...

How do we get back on the right track?

I typically don’t drop YouTube links but this one was a must. I tell you what, my level of motivation just shot through the roof watching that 6 min skit!! Next level achieved!! Thanks Chris Farley

Some experience the struggle worse than others. Maybe it’s a different level of dedication, or maybe it is an addiction?? Don’t worry they have meds for that. It’s called weed and whiskey or W2. If you wanna stop working give those a try. Don’t do it in moderation either, that is never gonna work. You got to get in and get after it!!

I hope you all realize I am 110% joking about the weed and whiskey. Buuuuuttttt... they probably have meds for people with an addiction to working out. Just sayin'.

For those of us that don't have this addiction, and feel off the wagon you probably have said this to yourself: “I was doing so good then...” Yep that is the story of my life. Hey I was in a good routine of eating healthy, working out, then something happened and now I am wondering; What was I doing that made me feel so much better? Sleeping better, more energy, and just an all around better attitude. Hmm maybe I should get back to doing that? But.... then the lame-o excuses come out!!
*I have other stuff to do - I’m too tired - the gym is across town - my big toe nail has a split in it - I have a gray hair.... but I would say the biggest one is....



I find that we all make time in our lives for the things we truly consider important. Things that mean the most to us. Activities, people, projects, etc. If you really want to do something, you make time. You find a way to balance all the other stuff and cram one more thing into your schedule. That’s what I do!! Don’t get rid of anything just make room for more, even though there are only 24 hours in a day.


Hmmm this went on longer than I expected. So ya, long start short I finally made it back into the gym. The best time for me to do so in before work. I work 4 - 10’s, meaning 4 days a week 10 hours a day + power outage call outs at anytime day or night. Getting off work at 5 pm and trying to workout just doesn’t seem right. I have amazing kids and a beautiful wife waiting for me at home. So I feel as though I am being selfish if I was to do that. Taking time from them so I can do my workout. You follow me? Doesn’t that sound a little selfish to you? I spent a lot of time away from them in my early days in my Lineman career and I am not making that mistake again. Instead of sacrificing the time I get to spend with them, how about I sacrifice my own time. Basically the only time for me to be able to sacrifice is in the morning. Instead of rolling around and slowly getting out of bed sometime between 5 - 5:30 am, I need to get up at 4 am and get going so I can be at the shop at 5 am and in the gym. This gives me a good hour to get a good workout in. It does make for a long day I can tell you that but it is worth it in the long run.


I would be stupid not to put this gym to use. So ya, I have been a little stupid lately. Oh c’mon admit it, you have done some stupid stuff we all have. We all have had a good streak stupid At least once... or twice... or 20 times.... Nah who’s countin’ anyway.

This gym has everything you need and more. I mean what gym would be complete without 25 and 50 pound dodge balls!!


Could you imagine the ab workout when taking a hit from one of those in the stomach. No head shots!!! That is just unsportsmanlike and totally not cool. How is getting hit in the face suppose to be a workout? C’mon!!

There are a few self defense weapons in here also. No sillies I am not talking about the free weights or dumbbells. I’m talking this...


A nice chunk of rope with a metal ball (sshhh it’s plastic but nobody will know) on the end!! Don’t you be coming up in this gym getting all crazy!! No way!! You will get handled with this deleo. Wait am I in a gym or that place in the airport where they take all the confiscated weapons?? Ummm what the heck?!?!? Some sort of torture device??


Wow that wondered off track a little didn’t it? Oops my bad. They happens when your are writing a few sentences that come to mind throughout the day at work. I mean right now I have been able to throw down a couple paragraphs because I am out here in the middle of nowhere... You know the type of place where you are met by the land owner with an AK. Ya that far out in the middle of nowhere. I’m just glad I am in my work truck and they are having issues with their power so they were expecting me. I am waiting for a few guys to show up with the equipment to locate an underground fault in the underground wire going to their house. This could be a long night!!


So long story short, I am going to quit being stupid and get in the gym. Today was day numero uno and I tried to keep things to a minimum but for some reason I have a feeling it is going to be a real struggle not only to get up that early again but also to get up these stairs in the morning.


Darkness is setting in and my boys need to hurry up and get here. You see, this is all it takes to throw me off my routine. One late night, then it jacks me all up!! Oh well it is just something that I am going to have to learn how to recover from. For some weird reason I miss a couple days, then I end up missing a bunch after that. Hahaha If you don’t know yourself then who do you know.

Well after some digging we found not one but two bad spots in the underground cable.


My nerves are shot after driving an hour and a half back to the shop in the thick fog with tons of deer out and about. Entering the gate I can breath a sigh of relief and head home.


Alright so I missed chicken tacos Mama-Splatts made and I ain’t happy about that one bit!!! I’m calling this one done...

Until Next Time...

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