State of the CryptoNation

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Yoooo! Joe Dirt here! Feeling Happy and Well. So much going on. I've been so active after learning so much here on Steemit about so much. I feel like I need to Download my Brain!


(Sorry I don't know how to center pictures) That said, I have learned over the past to weeks that there are So many Coins out there to buy, sell trade & purchase!

I feel like I am following the White Rabbit. white_rabbit.jpg

This is in o mage to NEO (use to be Antcoins) and what I learned from this article here on Steemit a month ago.

I invested what small $$$ I had, and made a great deal of money trading this coin. Thank you @loosechange!

I came across a youtube video from an account called Bitesize Bitcoin that has given me more than enough wining information about investing and how to look at things objectively. Their YouTube can be found Here:

I also came across the BitCoin Pub (seen in the header) where people share and speak about different currency topics.

Thank you Steemians who have helped me so much!

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Your Welcome Joe. Glad you are doing well. :)


Thank you so much! I made over $200 in Bitcoin reading the information you posted. I've never had such a good investment like that in my entire life. You Rock!

Cool post and well done and there is money to be made on Steemit
See you around and have a great rest of the week and all the best with future posts


I am going to take 1/2 of my gains on NEO and buy more steem for my account here. I hope that it will be a positive investment as well. Steem prices are very low.

this is awesome thanks for promoting the cryptonation!


I thank you. Really enjoy your videos! (Though I don't buy Doge - I think you mean this as a joke)


Keep researching Joe. :) You will get there and FYI Make a Moon Goal!

Ps. Yes Doge is just a "Tip" coin - No Tech behind it. ;)


I'm not sure what you mean about a moon goal, I am just keeping the lights on, and trying to get ahead, but thank you!

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