Series Debut! Like Minds with Jonny-Clearwater and GiftedGaia

3년 전


Happy Timezone Steemit!

While I'm in between seasons of
Hots or Shots
I'm excited to say that myself and @giftedgaia have been cooking up a new show!

Today I present to you the first installment of our podcast series

Like Minds!

Like Minds will be a weekly, 2hr long, unedited podcast.

All episodes will be streamed live via Twitch,
Saturday mornings at 10AM EST.
We will then upload the show to steemit on Tuesdays.

If you would like to participate and engage with us when we record live,
please feel to join us at

Hope you enjoy!

See You Again Next Week!

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That is so cool Johnny... I love watching hots and shots and you are way cool 😉
Love to se where this goes.... Love it!
Have a wonderful week. Cheers! 🌸


lol....i fucking dyed it man. Well got started anyway...i had to lighten it now it's bleach blonde. It wrecked my face though, in a few days I will be dying it silver


It wrecked my face though

... so many possible jokes...


Thanks for all the Love gals & guys! Jonny & I have been white boarding this project for months - and its nice to finally get up & go with it. Stay tuned for more content every week. Cheers!

Welcome to Steemit. Hope you’ve cooked up a storm.

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Thank you so much for your interest!

Heads up!


You've received A Preemptive Strike from real simulcaster @shawnsporter on The Steeming Pile!

I'll be sharing this post on tonight's broadcast at 9:30pm EST on

Again, great work & see you at The Pile!

Don't forget to follow @thesteemingpile!


Hey thanks for the witness vote, only the @sircork witness has been disabled for months, as we've renamed it to the @noblewitness. We'd love to have your vote, if you care to change it, but a vote on the sircork one is a waste of one of your 30. Thanks!


TY so much for the heads up! I see you support @johnnyclearwater and wanted to reach out and support you back!

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I like to think that Jonny supports me :D Thanks!

NIce! Johny... Jhony... Yes, papa... (^_^)

very cool jonny, i would love to join! best wishes on a successful season.
eagle spirit


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It was bad, I heard English too bad.

Welcome and have fun!