The color of the eyes in a person can show how much pain he can withstand.

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Some scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have found that the color of the eyes shows how much can a person endure pain, and for which sports is talented.
According to their research, women with blue and green eyes feel less pain at childbirth than women with hazel eyes.Eye_Color_Chart_by_ygraph.png

It is interesting that the blue-eyed people need to consume more alcohol to get drunk, compared to the dark-eyed ones.
If you are wondering why this is, scientists have found the answer in the genes. First, there are 12 different combinations of genes that give a certain eye color. However, in addition to "painting" their eyes, these genes also affect other parts in the body. For example, melanin that affects the eyes to become darker, simultaneously accelerates brain reactions, causing men and women with dark eyes to be more sensitive to alcohol.
It has also been shown that dark-eyed individuals, due to the characteristic genes combinations, achieve better results in sports such as a baseball while the blue-eyed people are better in games where more planning is needed, such as playing golf.

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@artgirlnyc just had a 'lil thought of you.
What color are your eyes?

Very informative 😜😛

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