What really matters in life ...

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Of all the things I have read in my life and all the stories on steemit, I think this video has inspired me to come out of the shadows and "Live" again, not just to be alive, but to LIVE ! I am not a writer and it makes it doubly hard with the tears streaming from watching this video a few minutes ago ... I AM trying.

I came to steemit to read and learn, not to write and certainly not to share my story ... Maybe soon, now that I have "This" inspiration. What has happened to me is still unbelievable to my mind and I still have trouble coping, even though I know this happens to people everyday in this Neo America we live in. Bad things do happen to good people. I can only make it through the day, everyday by remembering Robin Williams telling Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting", "It's not your fault, It's NOT YOUR FAULT ! ...

That doesn't help with the aftermath of having to live a life of shame because of what someone has said. "Sticks and stones MY ASS !! Yes, these days a person can say something about you and can and DOES ruin your life .. I know, it happened to me. Perhaps soon I can share that story ... but for now, I just felt I HAD to share this video ...
We can't change the past, but we can change the future ... now it's My time to do that. This video may not mean much to most or even some, but it is what I NEEDED at THIS time in my life ... So if you don't understand, that's ok too, perhaps one day it will make sense to you too ... We only live once so for the sake of all that is GOOD PLEASE LIVE IT, don't hide in the shadows !!!

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I came to Steemit to Procrastinate . . .

To become a better person . . .

To learn as much about everything as possible . . .

I never get bored of learning new things, but they must be relevant . . .

I suck at Arts, Music, Sports and Entertainment type topics . . .

History, Geography, geology, Cosmology, physics, technology . . .

Anything to create a good story and have a valid reason for more procrastination . . .

Life is for Living, so grab the potato chips, slip onto the sofa lounge and light up the remote control; live life to the fullest : )

/ hugz ; )

See you on the BlockChain ! ! !

  ·  5년 전

thank you : )

/ hugz ; )

You write extremely well. Write more and let me know when you do. I will stop by and give you my honest commentary. But this was great!

Someone said this to me recently. It made me feel great. I'm going to repeat it to you because it is both well written and profound. Although it will not be my last post so take that in stride.
You don't know me, I don't know you, or presume to ... But a couple people (That I CONSIDER to be 'GOOD' folks), have told me that YOU are a 'Good' person. I am not a writer or 'Blogger' and just wanted you to know that I have said your very words 20 years ago because any and everything I had to say fell on deaf 'Sheep', witless ears.

Recently, I have come out of the 'Anarchist', 'enlightenment' 'closet' because I saw and felt hope again in our society from what this 'Next Gen' of thinkers and writers are doing and saying, specifically here on Steemit.

You ARE one of those people. You have the ability, the wit, the 'connections' to do what so many of my generation and those that came before me were trying to say and do. Because of the modern tech that allows ALL people to access to Intelligent discourse, You WILL be heard, EVENTUALLY !! "Build it, they WILL come"

These may be the last words I type on steemit, because I am a reader/learner and it seems they are taking away any value or future value I can offer by voting on content.

You have become my voice, and the voice of MANY others that are NOT writers and have NO voice ...

You are making a change, please don't give up!
Thank You

Read More, Reason More ...

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support, my list of "GOOD" folks keeps increasing !, Thank YOU !
I am humbled by your contributions to steemit and to the future !

In your mind you are all your potential that you can dream into being.

Just saw your message in my post but can't reply . I guess we chatted too much on one topic . This is so funny that you post this mans video . I also posted
It on my Facebook a few days ago . He rocks !

Upvoted, Followed, and shared to FB, Twitter, and Google.


Thank you for posting..


? lol, kinda caught me off guard ?


9 months, 9 hours no difference.

didn't see this was past payout but gave 100 percent anyways :)


Your a sweetheart, Thank You !

Wowza this video is GREAT ! And welcome back. @jstreetman :)


thank You, ya, that really inspired me


I value experience over almost everything else, on this timeline I wake up to daily. I've started over more than a few times so far, and probably will again. It must be the experiences I'm really investing in.

One of my favorite expressions is "I skydive not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping." It's way too easy to just go through the motions instead of remembering to live.