Why the most people suffer from diabetes

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Do you know that about 415 million adults are living with diabetes? In fact, according to the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) Diabetes Atlas, 642 million adults are expected to have this medical disorder by 2040.

Another shocking piece of information is that about 46.5% of people with diabetes have not even been diagnosed! Even children are not left out of this horrifying statistics as approximately 542,000 children have type 1 diabetes.


Over $670 billion – which is 12% of global health expenses – is spent on this terrible ailment.
In the United States, more than 29 million people suffer from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes (according to a 2012 data made available by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC).

But why does it appear as if every 1 in 11 adults suffers from this deadly disease?

Diabetes is a disease or ailment that occurs in the human body and is as a result of the body’s inability to store and use glucose properly. When this happens, glucose accumulates in the bloodstream, thus causing your blood sugar to rise extremely high.

There are two major types of this ailment:

  • type 1 diabetes which is also known as insulin-dependent diabetes;

  • type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes).


Type 1

Occurs when the human body stops the production of insulin, a hormone that is produced in the pancreas which helps the human body to regulate or use the amount of glucose present in foods and transforms it to energy.

People living with type 1 diabetes, therefore, must take insulin injections daily to survive. Type 1 diabetes is more prevalent among children and young adults, though it has been known to occur at any age.

Type 2 diabetes

Occurs when the amount of insulin produced by the body is insufficient or when the body cannot properly make use of the insulin that is available – otherwise known as insulin resistance.

This second variety of the disease occurs in overweight people, individuals who are more than 40 years of age with a family history of diabetes, etc. Today, adolescents are also suffering from this dreaded disease.

People with diabetes always experience the following symptoms:
• Unusual weight loss
• Blurry vision
• Frequent urination
• Wounds that don’t heal
• Irritability
• Being very thirsty
• Increased hunger
• Frequent gum, bladder, and skin infections
• Extreme unexplained fatigue

But at times, people with type 2 diabetes may not experience any symptoms at all, thus making them live for years with the disease.

But the question remains: why do most people have diabetes? The answer to that question is that most people who suffer from this ailment are either fat, don’t perform regular exercise, cannot control their appetites or are just lazy.


When you lack discipline when it comes to taking care of your physical health, there is a very high probability that you could end up with this killer disease.

All forms of diabetes can be treated, although they can last a lifetime. You can either delay the onset of the symptom or prevent it entirely by:
• Eating healthy
• Perform regular exercises or be more active
• Lose excess weight
• Work with a professional


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thanks for the information ..
Fact .. Our unbalanced lifestyle is the reason
Thanks for sharing

This is as crazy as it is scary

Another shocking piece of information is that about 46.5% of people with diabetes have not even been diagnosed

I tag Diabetes as one of the silent Medical killers. It's even worse in 3rd world countries where a lot of persons do not access proper medical care.

Thanks for the discuss.

The real cause for diabetes is overeating and bad eating habits. If you eat as an addiction, and/or eat lots of sugar, and/or eat little fiber, you are prone to have diabetes and Alzheimer, which is the diabetes of the brain.


They have even begun calling Alzheimer's disease type 3 diabetes due to the connection between excessive carbohydrate intake and dementia. I am a health provider for the cognitive health of the geriatric population and daily I am urging caregivers to seek out the current research to help slow the rapid decline. "Low fat" is destroying people's quality of life.


I agree that you need fat for a healthy brain. I also believe that overuse of statins in the elderly is contributing to their decline in cognitive health.


Yes. I was also alluding to the fact that when you go "low fat", the fat is often replaced by more carbohydrates.


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In Germany, the diabetes rate is not so high, but the problem is also ubiquitous. In any case, it is a fact that our patients are poorly informed about their own illness. As a result, they do not understand what diabetes is and how to treat it at best.

Even a pure oatmeal cure for 14 days can have a significantly positive effect on insulin resistance. In addition, a combination of strength and endurance training seems to be perfect. That's how I work with my diabetes patients. With very, very good results!

Incidentally, if gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy, the odds of developing type 2 diabetes over the next few years are extremely high. Ziegler et al. have statistically calculated from medical data that affected women will have over 90 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes over the next 15 years. This probability can be reduced by changing one's lifestyle. But breastfeeding over 3 months has significant effects on reducing the development of type 2 diabetes.

In German: In Deutschland ist die Diabetes-Quote zwar nicht ganz so hoch wie in den USA, aber das Problem ebenfalls allgegenwärtig. Fakt ist jedenfalls, das bei uns die Patienten schlichtweg mangelhaft über ihre eigene Krankheit aufgeklärt werden. Dies hat zur Folge, dass sie gar nicht verstehen, was Diabetes eigentlich ist und wie man ihn bestenfalls therapieren kann.

Schon eine reine Haferflocken-Kur über 14 Tage kann die Insulinresistenz signifikant positiv beeinflussen. Außerdem scheint eine Kombination aus Kraft- und Ausdauertraining perfekt zu sein. So arbeite ich auch mit meinen Diabetes-Patienten. Mit sehr, sehr guten Erfolgen!

Übrigens: Falls in der Schwangerschaft ein Gestationsdiabetes auftreten sollte, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit extrem hoch, dass man in den nächsten Jahren einen Typ-2-Diabetes entwickelt. Ziegler et al. haben aus medizinischen Daten statistisch errechnen können, dass betroffene Frauen in den nächsten 15 Jahren eine über 90 prozentige Chance haben, Typ-2-Diabetes zu entwickeln. Diese Wahrscheinlichkeit lässt sich verringern, indem man sein Lebensstil verändert. Aber auch eine Stillzeit über 3 Monate hat signifikante Effekte auf die Reduzierung einer Entwicklung von Typ-2-Diabetes.

Really interesting

I know that raw food diet and fasting help a lot, but I think that things are not so simple actually. For example artificial light, disconnecting from nature, EMF have far more influence than poor diet and exercise. Because of it our hormones are completely messed up. This can make weight and hunger control almost impossible. There are so many studies on these topics so may be it is a matter of time and consciousness to become healthier. I don't know what the solution is but it seems like the way we live today makes us zombies, addicts, pharmaceutical and food industries' slaves. I dream for a world full of healthy people..

As we are moving towards new tech era ,but we are pushing backward by these kind of disease.

wealth without health is useless


It's simple - eat less sugar.


It could be great if we quit eating everything.lol😂😂


Hmmm interesting.


@cbeep One person asked who is rich ? those who are financially great. Nope ... the one who know how o make balance between Health, finance and relationship and most important spiritual self(inner self talk)

Diabetes can go silently undetected for a long time without symptoms. Many people first become aware that they have diabetes when they develop one of its potentially life-threatening complications, such as heart disease, blindness or nerve disease. thanks for a great post @jwolf hopefully this will help a lot of people who don't know actual symptoms of diabetes.

Thanks for giving us this vital health information. Although, the fugures you gave as carriers and would be carriers in near future is quite alarming and worrisome. However, I believe that with better enlifhtenment on preventive aspect of Diabetes the world will be better for it. I follow and upvote you.

Great and so true. If people would start buying food that doesn’t come out of a box or package, it would solve half of the problem. The other half could be helped or resolved by people farming. Farming is exercise, and done on a daily basis would provide them with more energy. It is a big circle of life that is being forgotten. You are right people are lazy but I think our society is making us this way :/ With the day to day living Monday to Friday work week, family, and so on, it is so hard to do! I think a mix of both growing your own and buying less process food could help tremendously. Going back somewhat to basic could solve so much of the sick population.
Peace :)
Keep posting great article @jwolf!

one of my aunts has diabetes, but not a major one. she cant eat anything that has sugar though


when we went on holiday we all could eat rice and noodles at ease but for her she had to find something that had lower sugar content. like diabetic sugar coffee, and no sugar tea. so its quite troublesome


Very nice and useful information shared by you. Yes this disease is not cure able but adopting some precautionary measures you can live a beautiful even in diabetic life.

Good Posted! But First you need reject some refined sugar, refined flour, vegetable oil, Fast foods and cool drinks and energy drinks these are manipulating our insulin in our body. So if you want to safe your body diabetes Must be start you day with exercise.
This is my own research which i shared with you.


Starting day with exercise is a lot better.

Is it possible to control appetite? Isn't it genetic?

But the question remains: why do most people have diabetes? The answer to that question is that most people who suffer from this ailment are either fat, don’t perform regular exercise, cannot control their appetites or are just lazy.Is it possible to control appetite?


I can control myself :D


@jwolf, You're Superman. :)


Sugar is physically habit forming so when you eat sugar, your body will crave more and make you feel hungry and tired once your body quickly burns through those energy sources. Once adapted to a lower carb diet and with appropriate hydration and electrolyte levels, you will be able to fast for half a day and barely notice.

Great article, prevention has always been better than cure, but our lifestyles contribute alot, unhealthy eating, very little exercise, and as you have stated we need to take control of and good care of our healths, we only have this one life we can't waste it.

Very nice post great content thanks for sharing

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Sugar and carbohydrate with high glycemic index is the reason

Type 2 develops due to a high calorie diet paired with a sedentary lifestyle.

Because people don't care of their diets and eat like animals , don't think about their health, that's why people are suffering from diabetes, if they eat normally and walk minimum 15 minutes after meal, they will control their diabetes.

Nice post like it and upvoted

Be that as it may, First you require dismiss some refined sugar, refined flour, vegetable oil, Fast nourishments and cool beverages and caffeinated drinks these are controlling our insulin in our body. So in the event that you need to safe your body diabetes Must be begin you day with work out.

This is my own involvement.

hi there .. i m 100 percent agree with you ... but still we cant control this problem ..

Nice post, but on a positive note, advancement in technology and awareness of diseases are increasing at a higher rate today than it ever has.

Throughout my little health research I've been doing through the years. I believe that the cause of diabetes stems down further, yet not more complicated than we think.

I believe diabetes simply emerges from some sort of vitamin/mineral deficiency due to a poor diet, which causes the pancreas issue. The whole too much sugar story is a half-truth I believe, because while eating sugar all day is bad for you so is eating strictly anything else all day, as you will not be diversifying your nutrient intake which is essential.

Najgorsze jest to,że cukrzyca dotyka również dzieci. Mój syn ma kolege cukrzyka, ktorego zaprosilismy na przyjecie urodzinowe. W menu znlazly sie produkty bezglutenowe , takie jak tort z biszkoptem na bazie maki bezglutenowej czy frytki bezglutenowe. Podziwiam chlopaka, w wieku 10 lat juz sam potrafi sobie zbadac poziom glukozy we krwi.Ta choroba zabiera mu troche dziecinstwa, gdyz wymaga samokontroli, dyscypliny i konsekwencji .

  ·  2년 전

Jest to bardzo wymagające,jeżeli jedno z kolegów pani syna ma cukrzycę.Takie dziecko ma zabierane trochę dziecinstwo ,ponieważ jest pod stałą obserwacją.@brus

  ·  2년 전

Można z tym żyć.Prawda?

They have been reversing type 2 diabetes in studies at the University of Newcastle, UK for some time.

"A body of research putting people with Type 2 diabetes on a low calorie diet has confirmed the underlying causes of the condition and established that it is reversible."

The underlying cause is fat within the liver and pancreas. They have been reversing the diabetes by putting patients on a very calorie restricted diet.


In India diabetes is very very common. It is very common for someone to live with diabetes here. Some people go for natural medication like Siddha or Ayurveda to keep the condition under control. Most of the people are insulin dependent. Good write up.

thank you so much @jwolf for these important work good job. diabetes is a silent killer that has been pushing our era backward for we are in an era of health and technological advancement. like the saying goes health is wealth.

Stay healthy and fit guys we should take care of our body's and minds alike

Diabetes , an uninvited guest
Yes,sedentary lifestyle is a major reason for the onset of the imbalance caused in insulin levels.
Also major danger in future is due to it's incorporation and alteration in the genetic property.
Therefore, if a present individual,who healthy will be always be on risk if he has a hereditary medical history of Diabetes.

Good explaination !!! I will keep in mind all these things.

diabetes can be cured in 3-6 months with a Keto diet, no exercise necessary, check out dietdoctor.com

no activity + stress + junk food = diabetes and all other pains..

Well obesity is getting pandemic now and unfortunately cases of diabetes will keep in increasing. Diet is very important. Eating less sugar will make you live longer.

Agreed it has a lot to do with our diet and activities.

Some people have it in their system from childbirth

Buen artículo, también existe la resistencia a la insulina que no es más que la producción de alta cantidades de insulina. saludos y éxitos.!

In my particular, Diabetes and different types of Cancer, are the deadliest diseases on the Planet ... I live very close to Type 1 Diabetes, I think that lack of knowledge, lifestyle and diet are the worst enemies of the people, these factors are usually directly responsible not only for diabetes, but for many diseases.

The culture of conscience and knowledge, are the necessary vehicles to minimize this type of ailments, it is time to become aware.


It's very bad life risk disease . One of my sis has diabetes. Long time she took insulin. But married he didn't able to maintain her daily routine discipline . That's why after some days he had gone from the world forever . @jwolf

Dear i am going to follow you and also sent fnd req on fb plz accept me . @jwolf

my dad also suffer with this,he take care so much but mostly he is sick or feel weak,

As a Nurse i must say the diseases you wanna try to avoid and yes they are avoidable are
And Anaemia to some extent
Most of these diseases can be avaoidable by better nutrition practices and Physical exercise and most importantly stopping Alcoholism and Ciggarete smoking
Health is wealth.

really you are producing much quality content . it may take a bit long time to overtake you :P but one day I will

Great post! I have several clients that are borderline diabetic all due to poor diet. I will be sharing this with them.

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Important post sir.You always uploads important post.I am waiting for your post sir.Thanks for sharing your this important information.Upvote resteem done.

consommation successive de sucrerie l’angoisse et le moindre choc provoque le diabète

A useful article
I do not have a problem like that :)
I am very healthy :)


Nice and i wish you always be same like that.

My husband has Type 1 Diabetes and he was told it came from a virus from when he was 6. Type 2, Diabetes, it most definitely comes from sugar. I’ve battled pre Diabetes and have watched how sugar really effects this over the years. The amount of sugar we take in, in the USA is alarming. Not just in the form of sugar foods but foods where they add sugar to it that will spike the blood sugar, foods we wouldn’t suspect it being in. It wasn’t until I got rid of most sugar From my diet did I get rid of the pre Diabetic state I was headed for. Makes me worried for the future generations, my children and beyond as it seems to be increasing with each generation.

I’m new here and keep seeing people talking about upvoting, in this post. What is that and how do you do it?!

'the dose makes the poison'. Sugars aren't bad in normal amounts. But if you get diabetes you have to be careful, that's right.. There's a insuline-chip implant which you can control via app.. pretty cool!

  ·  2년 전

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Very nice article. Prevention always is important.
Check my blog, please :)

wow excellent article and honestly i don't know much about diabetes but today curtesy to your post i able to know about diabetes and it is really helpful for me, thanks for sharing such informative articles with us, Stay blessed

Great article! My grandfather recently died from heart disease, worsened by his diabetes. My dad got diagnosed with diabetes about two years ago as well, so I am doing my best to avoid being the next in line.

Type 1 diabetes which is also known as autoimmune disease because the body itself kills insulin secreting cells.
If you had family in your family parents or grandparents who had diabetes you are more likely to do it too.
My point is that changing lifestyle is a very good prevention solution.
( more sports and healthy diet )

diabetes is becoming a worse problem we all need to take care

Such a horrible disease :(

Diabetes can be a very dangerous disease if not taken care properly. My grandma is suffering it and needs injection every single day. Health is the most important thing.

Very informative post @jwolf. unfortunately diabetes is silently killing patients inside.

i appreciate your post ^@^! Thanks.

i need to lose some weight soon

Very nice to be doing a post you thank you for sharing a nice post in us

Execelente post. Pues siempre el tema de la salud se hace importante difundir y tomando esta via mas aun, una persona informada puede prevenir. Espero seguir leyendote. Si gustas tambien pasa por mi blog. Saludos

My mother and father too have sugar but thankfully it diagnose early and now they are taking medicine properly and now they are fine and their sugar level is in control .
Thanks for giving information about this dangerous disease .

It is one of the silent killer. Uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes brings lots of complications especially kidney, eyes, legs or nervous system.

The secret is to live a well-regulated, healthy lifestyle where natural meals, plenty of water, physical exercises, etc are taken seriously.

Diabetes is spreading fastly. Informative blog...

hello hello friend today I could read your post. It is very interesting the diabete is a silent disease that kills many people, it is good to recognize another person who is doing well. in your case I congratulate you on your publication
do not forget to follow me
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Together we can help each other.

One from the best post !! I like your beautiful work!! Thank you for the hard job!!

its about that time to take health more seriously

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.

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one of the bad disease it is if you get once you can't remove it forever

Did you know that scientists are trying to create a product that tastes exactly like sugar but it's not sugar? Isn't that amazing! Can you imagine how many people could actually eat sweets again?

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Sadly with people eating chemicals in there processed food more then ever then healthy natural food this will keep increasing at an alarming rate. On the positive note with people like you educating I hope we change this trend! Thank you for making posts to educate abs help us all! 👍👍👍

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Balance diet makes you fit and happy

Your articles are very useful! Thank you, @jwolf!

This is a good post to open our eyes about taking care of our health especially diabetes. Having uncontrolled diabetes truly can cause people wound to heal very slow and the slower the wound heal, less blood flow go to the wounded site and the worst part is... that part where the wound didn't heal became very black in colour and have to be amputated.
In my opinion, it is true that we have to control our sugar intact but just remember one more thing, everything that we eat will convert into sugar(glucose) in our body and that sugar is the source our energy. When we eat too much but less use of energy on that day we will have extra sugar in our body.

Thanks for sharing

It is possible to completely reverse type II diabetes. It is mainly a matter of correcting diet and lifestyle factors. Most people don't want to change their diets which is why many are not successful in correcting the condition.

Yes we need to look at the causes of our ailments rather than trying to solely treat the symptoms.

You might be interested to know there are actually FIVE classes of diabetes.

The ones you missed sort of fit in around the classic type I and type II...

LADA is Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults and in essence is a type I diabetes that comes on in adulthood, instead of presenting in children.

MODY is Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young, and (you guessed it) is very much like a type II diabetes which presents in children.

Finally there is a condition we call secondary diabetes. Esentially it's due to destruction of the pancreas resulting in an inability to produce insulin. It's a bit like an artifial version of type I diabetes and can be caused by pancreatitis and pancreatis cancers (to name a few!)

If you'd like to learn more about common and interesting medical condition feel free to pop over to my page! :)

Oh and be a bit careful saying people with diabetes "always" experience these things. They are common but some of the things you listed are not seen in everyone with diabetes, and some only come on much later in the disease.

ahaaa very nice. well, explanation​. keep sharing your beautiful knowledge like this. stay blessed <3

Thank you for giving us an idea about diabetes.

  ·  2년 전

Its truth, so truth, but most of the people can't understand that! My father has a diabet, he's taking a lot of pills every day, but at the same time doing nothing about diet or exercise. We need to share this information around the world, people should look after themselves from a young age and then everything will be fine! Thanks!

Stress is the most reason why people have disease like diabetes. And a lot of factors as well like lack of exercise and over eating. I hooe everyone lives a healthy lifestyle

Wao..this is the best article i have read today. Thanks to a brainiac like you. I will also like to chip in few things here, diabetes is a very serious illness nobody will wish to suffer from and u rightly pointed out in some of the factors predisposing one to diabetes (overweight). Been overweight or obese reduces the sensitivity of the receptors to insulin hence limiting the function of insulin in regulating the level of blood sugar in the body system. This is a very wonderful article from you, great masterpiece from a brainy. Good job


My father suffer from diabete type 1 .... :( not easy to live with that :( :( :(

What an idea!!!
So cool!!

Hello fellow Steemian .. I'm a newbie here. Please support me by following my blogs and I will follow yours as well . Hope we can be good friends.. Please check my introductory post. Thank you. Lovelots

I think diabetes is influential from the current lifestyle. Starting from lazy exercise routine, lack of movement to foods rich in sugar.
This factor is exacerbated by parents who have a history of diabetes before. Her son who was unable to control his good lifestyle and had the effect of experiencing similar symptoms. If not prevented, this will be a disease that paing suffered by the inhabitants of the earth.

Thanks for sharing this and great effort but a little too harsh "that most people who suffer from this ailment are either fat, don’t perform regular exercise, cannot control their appetites or are just lazy." Would have liked to see a bit more nuance: while you are correct that some attribution to lifestyle is warranted, that is hardly the entire cause.

Thanks for sharing this informative write up. My fear of diabetes drove me to get out of the couch and start burning those excess calories. I also changed my diet replacing rice with greens. Hope to see more of this kind of article

Fast lifestyle, unhealthy food and lack of exercise is the main reason. We should raise some awareness about it on steemit

Diabetes is a slow poison ,it affect the all organs of body, diabetes retinopathy , neuropathy . It occurs due to accumulation of sorbitol in the cells which does not have sorbitol dehydrogenase enzyme

Thanks for your article about diabetes @jwolf. This is a hostage of the humanity. However, she can be cured!

A possibility of the origin of diabetes isstriking the Langenhan'schen islandswith parasites with high likelyhood. These parasites take up the insulin anddestroy the cells by their removals.

These parasites live in soursurroundings. A food conversion isnecessary to achieve basic surroundings in the whole body. The parasites can be killed moreover. I will write an article in @incarnation-byebyematrix!

Natural antibiotic, simply prepares.
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very usefull ,thanks

Please remember, that not everyone with diabetes has themselves to blame. Following the government-advised "healthy diet" can be as much a cause as anything else... The "Standard American Diet" - sadly, becoming popular all over the world - is an even bigger cause.
I highly advise to check out the alternative community when it comes to how to treat and even cure diabetes. There's a lot of information out there from the likes of Barry Grove, Sally Fallon Morell and Mark Sisson. Watch out for one of the online "summits" on diabetes, that's where I learned that a diet such as the one Mark Sisson advises on his blog, Mark's Daily Apple, can make huge, huge progress in the fight with diabetes. I'm not super low-grain at the moment, but when I was, I lost 50 lbs in a year, going from about 3X in dress size down to a Medium! I'm currently in a large (two years later) and really need to cut down my grains again and make further progress.
Thanks for listening. I know it's sometimes difficult to listen to the alternative world, but there's much to be said for it, and much healing to be found.


In my country most of that due to stress unhealthy food drinks smoking and lots of sugar in tea .most of my country people (60%) eat rice every evening .

thanks friend for sharing this

Well its very wonderful blog and thanks for update @jwolf
Keep it up and sharing good