English class in Yangon

3년 전
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Hi, I'm Wai Yan.

Yesterday, I went to a English class for reading and writing because would like to improve my skill for writing English on Steemit.

A school is in this building
This sign board is what of the most famous bank in Myanmar.

This is a class room.
Little bit small but it is enough for us.

By the way, I am a thief.
Because I have forgotten to take a photo so stolen these pictures from their Facebook.
I will pay for it. Here is Myanmar, Buddhist country.

A class was pretty good.
Teacher was kind, other students were friendly so I was very relieved.
To be honest, I was little nervous because this is the first class to learn English in foreign country.
In Japan, all in class are Japanese is common.
But this class had an American teacher, Myanmar classmates and me Japanese.

Unintentionally, it was a very good experience for me because I was able to know the culture of America and Myanmar.
Typically, English class in Japan deal with only Japanese culture so I can learn English but can't know the culture of other country.

I got a homework.
It is quite difficult...Hey Steemians! Tell me the answer!

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