Myanmar people are good at caressing a baby

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Hi, I'm Karaya(Wai Yan's honey!).

I surely got married to "an office worker" three years ago.
But now I live in Yangon with "a muscular man" and one-year-old son.
Life is so funny!

Wherever we live, what is important is the relationship between neighbors.
And much more for those who have children.
They naturally make noise, that's unavoidable.
I can't help caring about the neighbors' attitude, which effects my own attitude.

How about in Myanmar?
They smile at us as expected.
But I didn't imagine a situation at restaurants.

As soon as we sit down, waitresses come near us.
Perhaps they say "You're so cute!"(I'm still poor at Myanmar language) and carry my son!
They do that without hesitation as if they're our relatives.

Not only women and girls but also middle aged men and boys at puberty amuse him.
Some girls kiss his cheek!
At a sushi restaurant, he was taken to its kitchen and came back with the first lipstick mark.

They treat him with love, so I'm really glad.
I can take a meal on my own pace and feel that all the people together bring up my son.

I realised the neighbors' support is necessary since I became a mother.
Myanmar people are reassuring partners.

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Ah! Welcome from Myanmar.:) :)