1st day back to normal (ish) lots of gardening and housework to do plus chasing snails. ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Its been a busy day even after a good lie in, hubby back to work his 1st day after 12 weeks of isolation. He was dreading the 1st day, new site, new foreman and now new rules. Thankfully his day went great, he has come home knackered and in pain. Whilst he was at work i got busy with housework and my garden.

I am busy emptying my plastic greenhouse to give it a good clean out as i am now having a problem with snails. They are starting ti become a pain, my poor seedlings are getting munched. I want to use the garden hose then give my green house a blasting in every corner until i know there's none in there then on the bottom shelf where i store my garden stuff i am going to place a few half plastic bottles filled with a can of hubby's lager, Hopefully they will hit these pots saving my plants.

I have also had to make a mixture up for my roses, they are turning black, after a little research i found its called Black spot, I made a mixture of:

2 Tablespoons Baking Soda
Gallon of water
Small squirt of Washing up Liquid

The Washing up Liquid helps the solution sticking to the leaves, i have sprayed the plant the top and underneath. I will use this a couple of times his week to see if it helps. My Roses are beautiful but then soon start turning black.

2020 Rose.jpg

I have cut off all the bad heads before spraying, hopefully the new buds will open without turning black, I also need to buy some mulch for them as this stops the water when watering from splashing back on to the leaves.

My green house is nearly empty, the rest of the work will have to wait for tomorrow where i will place what seedlings i have left on the top shelf after hosing it then placing the snail mixture at the base then i can empty the snail traps as they fill, wonder if the Lager makes the snails drunk.

I wanted to plant more seeds today but this snail problem needs sorting first before any more seedlings. I have filled a few pots with the seedlings that could be re-potted, those pots are doing really well, there are lot of strong plants growing so should start seeing a few blooms soon, there are a few Bee's that keep popping in, think they know they are on the way.

Me and hubby are sitting here both yawning, its been a hard day getting back to normal, i hope there is no 2nd wave of this virus as nothing gets done when we are in isolation, now i regret not getting the house cleaned, would have saved all the work now.

Its also my 1st day back on The 800 Fast Plan I had a 19 hour fast starting from last night i last ate at 10pm then fasted all day today only drinking water, my 1st food was a salad at 5pm. 19 hours fast means i have hit the fat burning mark where my body ill much on my fat for energy. I have managed quite well today not really thinking about food until now when its bedtime and i have my last cup of coffee where i usually have a couple of biscuits, tonight i just had coffee. Tomorrow i will eat a little more avoiding Carbohydrates.

That's me done, bed time Night night.

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Its the yeast they supposedly like