A bunch of Lilies made me feel ill. ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿคฎ Naughty Flowers.

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We have another cold wet day, my garden visit was very short due to it starting to rain..Again, Nothing is happening out there so left the greenhouse closed to keep the heat in and Mother Nature has took over my job of watering my plants, i can sit and relax whilst watching her work. Thank you Mother Nature.

Another day stuck in doing nothing, wish i had room inside to do a bit of gardening unfortunately i don't so instead i will pray to the gods for good days. My flowers need sun and lots of it.

I bought hubby's mum a bunch of flower with her being by herself and not able to get out, she used to buy herself a bunch every week. anyway I bought her a bunch of pink stock and a bunch of Lillie's. She loved them but within 2 days she gave me back the Lillie's as they had started her Hay-fever off she was suffering really bad, I didn't mind. We put them on the back seat of the car but within a couple of minutes hubby was complaining about the smell and with him suffering with Hay-fever too i decided to put them out into my side garden there smell was very strong.*

I placed them into a pot then placed them at the ed of the garden next to the water tap. As soon as we opened the door into the garden all we could smell were there Lillie's, they are beautiful, there smell is beautiful but having a bunch of them they really were way to strong. I sat at my working table next to the greenhouse, i hadn't been feeling well then when i looked back i started to feel really unwell when the Lillie's where in the car. I know Lillie's are dangerous to cats i never thought they were toxic to humans too.

maybe i am wrong. ANYWAY

This isn't my bunch, it is very similar


I was outside for half an hour working on planting s few seeds, when i got to stand up i nearly fell over, my head was all over the place, i felt like i had been drugged. I shouted for hubby who came to help me, my eyes couldn't focus and i felt sick with feeling so dizzy. Hubby tidied up for me whilst i wen to lay down on the sofa, i laid there for a good 30 minutes when things started to slow down and i felt a little better.

Can Lillie's do that?

My 3 pups started acting a little weird too, they were very sleepy and did't eat. Once i was feeling so much better we went out to put them in a bag to bin, I definitely will not be buying them again.

Since binning them i feel fine and the dogs have perked up, I felt horrible binning them as they were beautiful but really strong, the smell was overbearing. His mum did say when she bought flowers she would have 1 Lillie for the same reason there scent is strong.

I will stick to Carnations & Roses, i know they don't hurt anyone, has anyone else gone through this?

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I have personally not heard of that before, but scary almost sounded like those Lilies were cursed or something.


I know they are dangerous to cats, 1 flower is enough a bunch is deadly