A little gardening as still not feeling good and a get to know my pup LUNA..๐Ÿถ๐Ÿ•.

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Today is much the same as the last few days, headaches, brain fog and exhausted, i may have found out why i am so bad. Hubby wanted to started using decaffeinated coffee which i agreed with but instead of starting slowly gradually weaning us off it he has made decaffeinated for every cup, my body is craving the caffeine, thankfully he told me so we have added a caffeine cup just to help with headaches.


I haven't done much again with feeling so bad, i did go out with hubby to pick up the shopping i had put in his mums bags. The weather is a lot better, no rain and the sun is out but in the shade its really cold so the temperature hasn't got any better.

I have been out into the garden to check on what's going on, filled a pot with Cosmos seedlings, hopefully the weather isn't to cold and these take. All my other pots are doing really well.

I have

These are all growing really well, I also have Rose bushes, Geranium, Hydrangea & Peonies* that are all growing well with lots of blooms and buds. A few of my seedlings will be ready to pot out in a few days, hopefully by then the weather will have warmed up and i can get back out there and get some Vitamin D.


I have wrote about my love for my animals, i have 3 dogs that mean everything to me, I have had dogs all my life, can't remember a time i haven't lived without a dog. All my dogs have done what dogs do, nothing has stood out as different Until we got Luna.

luna (3).jpg

She is a lovely little thing that has been super easy to train. Usually when we get a puppy they pine for there family Not Luna, Nichola sat up and played with her the 1st might she arrived, she never pined once, the next night she slept with no problems. When she is a sleep you can move her and she doesn't mind where as my other pup always grumble.

When she wants anything, treat, cuddle etc she will sit on her back paws until you acknowledge her.

Luna begign.jpg

The photo above she wanted to go into the garden to chase the Bee's. She will do this and cry until she gets her own way, if you ignore her she will cry and bark at you. When she goes out for a walk she wont pee and poop at the same time, she will have a wee when out with my other dogs but then hubby has to bring them all home then take Luna out by herself as sh doesn't like anyone there. When she is hungry ready for her dinner she will scratch her dinner bowl as if she is digging. Come night time she likes to go to bed before 9 ocklock where she will sit at my feet, beg and moan at me. I will eventually go up to bed, she will find her spot and go to sleep, a deep sleep where you can stroke her, move her and she won't moan. She loves to have cuddles and hugs, she likes to be carried when she gets tired, things scare her where she will try to climb up our leg for a cuddle to feel safe.

I've never had a dog that is more like a toddler, its really like having a small child to loo after.

She has us in hysterics with a few things she does especially when she is having a problem with her anal glands, NO she doesn't have worms, she is wormed frequently. usually a dog would pull there bottom along the floor...Not Luna.

I would love a house full of pups like her....

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