A little gardening with a little cooking, baking my most favourite food CAKE. ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŽ‚

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The weather has changed today, its raining and a lot cooler. I had to find something else to do instead of nipping in and out to the garden. I opened my greenhouse as the sun came out for a couple of hours then it later started raining again. The green house was open for a couple of hours, it gave me time to check on whats happening, a few seeds sprouting plus i am at last seeing action in the Petunia pots, there are a few shoots, fingers crossed i at last get a few Petunia's.

I have been trying to grow a few more plants from the White Rose bush but not having any look so i did a little bit of research and found this rooting compound has excellent feedback, i ordered a packet from Amazon with prime delivery so it arrived today unfortunately i couldn't get out to use it.

Root compound.jpg

Its pretty straightforward to use, i will hopefully get to take a few more cutting from the bush tomorrow, I would like a couple more to place on my decked area. I am very proud of the Rose Bush, there are so many buds and the bush is growing lovely, better than i expected.

white rose bush.jpg

If the weather is better tomorrow i will then start with the cuttings, its best to take cuttings in the morning as that is when the plant is most hydrated.

Instead of gardening i had to find something to keep myself occupied, I decided on cooking. I used to love cooking but stopped due to my health problems, i now do a little when i have nothing else to do. I thought i would bake a cake, i have a loving relationship with cake, any cake not bothered will try them all. I always chose cake, its what makes me smile, I usually buy it but my daughter had wanted to give it a go, now its been a while since i have baked one, didn't have a recipe and couldn't remember the amounts so searched online, or should say Nichola decided to search, we were rowing after 10 minutes.

I ended i baking by myself, i think we got mixed up on a few ingredients as it took longer to cook than it should, I left it in the warm oven to finish off expecting it to be a flop but was quite pleased with how it looked, i had added Nuttella to the middle but that seems to have sunk to the bottom.

CAKE 3.jpg

I am leaving it to cool down before i have another slice, I am not a fan of warm cake. I am pleased with how it turned out, my 1st cake in years. Next time i will use less butter and find a recipe that i can stick to not one my daughter reads out.

Me and Nichola are friends again, we are going to have a girly hour, face mask, hair masks and watch a film. I may take photos for tomorrows post.

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Save me a piece of cake please, yaya it's Friday here


No probs, kettles on ๐Ÿ˜Š