A Muggy uncomfortable day spent chasing snails and trying go get Alexa to do something. ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿคฌ

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Another wet miserable day, its an uncomfortable one, its stuffy and warm . Im during in front of the fan hoping to cool down, its not just bothering me Mika is panting quite a bit she's sitting next to me enjoying the cool breexe. Do dogs suffer with the menopause like us humans?

I started to clean the shower room but failed miserably, i managed to give the shower walls a scrub and the shower base but then my knees started shaking with pain. I had to sit down quickly or i would have fell down, hubby came up to finish off. I feel useless, i can't do much to help and think when i do try it causes so much friction.

Once the shower room was clean again i sat in the shower letting the hot water ease my pains. I did manage to go and open my greenhouse. Sadly when i looked inside i noticed a few snails had sneaked in, i need how to find a way how to stop them from destroying my seedlings. I'll research that tomorrow.

I did notice few new surprises as i checked on how my garden was doing. I filled a pot with a few different seeds, all the little seeds that were left over, i thought they may surprise me plus my 2 hanging baskets are growing really well, hopefully will be seeing a few flowers soon.


Then it was time to rest, my knees are getting worse but im fighting to stay up, got to keep going. I rested for a little while looking through my research on Hyacinth Bulbs. I now know when to remove the bulb from the soil and how to store it.

I played bingo again, still didn't win starting to think the only luck i have is all bad, silk trying to look positive so i will have another go tomorrow.

I was looking through Facebook when i saw a post about Alexa Skills, send me a free sample. I thought i would have a go at that, I've tried setting it up following the instructions, making an account on send me a sample, then linked it to my Alexa, my phone says its linked, Alexa keeps telling me what i should do. I'll be throwing the annoying thing out of the window pretty soon.

I was pretty calm before i started trying to get Alexa to do something now i want to punch the annoying @#$%&. Hoping my removing snail research calms me down.

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