Another day with more brain fog ๐ŸŒซ๐ŸŒซ๐ŸŒซ A ramble about my day.

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Its been another foggy day for me, my head is in a mess, probably because i had a bad night. Hubby got up made me something to eat and drink then i laid back down for a couple of hours. I slept but its not a restful sleep. Hubby had to go and pick our shopping up, i couldn't go and Nichola was still asleep. I had to help sort his mums shopping out but with my foggy head i gave her some of our things without thinking, we are picking them up tomorrow.

I have been and checked my garden, everything is OK out there thankfully my seedlings can wait a couple of days before they need re-potting, i will have to time to sort my head out then when i am feeling better i can spend time out there hopefully by then the weather will have improved.

Its cold and miserable here a bit like how i am feeling. Once the shopping was sorted i had a long shower hoping the heat would help me feel a little better, hair washed and clean pyjamas and i still feel in a mess. Having hubby home is a massive help, he sill isn't back to work, we are still isolating. He knows how bad i get takes care of me, he knows how bad i can get.

Another week starts tomorrow, another day stuck in doors and probably another day with no gardening. I may fill in some of my gardening journal and get myself up to date with everything i have planted. Its just getting my head focused on one task and sticking to it. Hopefully i have a good nights sleep and my brain is clearer in the morning.


One thing i am trying to do is sort out a caption for my blog, is going to make me a Hive signature but i haven't a cue what i want my caption to say, plus with this brain fog i could say the wrong thing.

A few years ago i did a college on E.C.D.L European Computer Driving License, i passed all the course, *Spreadsheet, Excel, Word, PowerPoint. I am now trying to do a ending for my blog, something that tells the reader what i am about and what i write about. I have got so far but can't remember what to do next, looks like i will have to do a bit more research about PowerPoint, hopefully it will jog my memory. It was a long time a go plus my brain is a mess, it might look clearer once my brain clears.

Well that's me done for today, i need my bed. Fingers crossed my head i better in the morning.

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Sounds like you need a triple shot coffee, you guys should be having nicer weather with Summer?

Its raining here today - joy joy

Hope you get some decent sleep :)


Thank you, ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

I wish the weather was nicer, i could get on with more gardening ๐Ÿ’