Lot's done today, cleaning, gardening and a movie later, living a Rock and Roll Life 🤣🤣

11개월 전

Second day on The 800 Fast Plan back on it after being in 12 weeks isolation, my excuse is: There was panic with food due to the isolation so i had to eat what my hubby made. Looking back i wish i had stuck to it over the 12 weeks, i would probably be very close to my target instead of having to loose pounds i have already lost.

Fast 800.jpg

I have done another 18 hour fast putting my body into eating the fat for energy instead of filling my body with rubbish. The first 3-4 days are usually pretty difficult with withdrawing from Carbohydrates and Sugar, i have had a little headache hopefully that will clear, i am drinking a lot of water so that should help clean my body out. I have been trying to keep myself busy so as not to think about food.

Second day back into a routine hubby back at work and me cleaning the house up, i can only do so much before my body gives up, i spent 2 hours in the kitchen with lots of sitting down, i will finish the kitchen off tomorrow, will be nice to get back to a house that's clean and organised. Hubby has been doing most of it, he's a really good cook but when it comes to cleaning, He cleans what he see's he doesn't move anything and cleans around things.

Once finished in the kitchen i sat down for a rest with a bowl of Berries and Greek Yogurt, that filled me until hubby got home from work when he made a Chicken Salad. That will be all until tomorrow morning. Once we had finished eating i did little more garden work, i am trying to empty my greenhouse so i can get it clean and put a few snail traps in as they are starting to eat my little seedlings. I filled another 3 pots with SweetPea, Cornflower & Lupins. My garden has quite a few pots that should all bloom around the same time. I will finish the greenhouse tomorrow but need some Yeast or Beer to put in the traps, i may have to wait until i do another food order for Saturday, i will buy few tins of cheap beer.

Hubby is trying to lose weight with me, making it easier for both of us, we will help each other through it. We are taking the laptop upstairs to watch a movie in bed after i have had a shower and wash my hair.


With us getting back to normal it feels like the Virus/Isolation didn't happen, as everything has gone quiet, hoping we don't hear anymore and it vanishes never to be heard of again, sadly think it will be back with more deaths. Well Its Hump day tomorrow, we can now start looking forward to the weekends again and hopefully won't be long before we are making plans. Anyway That's me done for today, i will be doing quite a bit of reading Hive Posts later, Maybe will be reading yours soon. Take Care.

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