My Sunflowers are being drowned. 🌻🌧 Christmas may have to be cancelled πŸŽ… ❌😒

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We have more rain today with strong winds that is starting to do damage in my garden, my poor Sunflower was blown over a couple of time, its took its toll on my Flower.

Best Sunflower  1 2020.jpg

I will have to cut the head off soon so i can preserve the Sunflower Seeds, i Don't want the bugs eating as i want them for garden 2021. I have 1 Sunflower already going through the process of drying out, i will soon have another 3 flowers to dry out.

I have checked the 1st flower that is drying out, i have it wrapped in kitchen towel to dry up all the moisture, I re-wrap it every other day, i shake it first to make sure all the bugs fall out then it needs to dry out so i can get to the seeds that will be stored for next year. I am hoping to get quite a few seeds of them this year.

My garden is now dying off, I have a few pots that need to be emptied asap but can't get out because of the rain, i need a covered area that i can work in without getting wet. Maybe that will be a project for next year. I will put a note in my gardening Journal and hopefully hubby could knock something up for me.

Everything is changing with the weather changing, all the leaves are turning brown and falling off. Sadly the rain is spoiling it as its making everything wet and slippy.


Look like we will be cancelling Christmas this year due to the virus, the numbers are starting to rise with more people testing positive but a lot of people still don't believe this virus is real so they are still mingling and visiting others. My niece has Corona, she's at home isolating due to a workmate who went on the sick but then decided to travel abroad for a week then return straight to work without isolating for 2 weeks, now they have had to close and clean due to her being irresponsible.

My oldest daughter had to have a test last week thankfully it came back negative. She works in a supermarket and has to be very careful, there are a few customers who really don't care, i get worried about her working so close to the public.

That's me for today, i am going to do some voting then have my weekly game on bingo. Wish me luck.

Sunflower gif 2.gif

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