Nothing much happening today, my body told me to rest, i am learning to listen. ๐Ÿ‘‚

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Everything i planned yesterday has been put on hold. I went to bed looking forward to getting my kitchen sorted then woke up this morning feeling to tired to do anything so that's what i did. I got out of bed opened my greenhouse up then watched some TV with my daughter feeling i should have really stayed in bed.


There is nothing to report with my garden, everything looks to be doing what its supposed to growing and looking strong. I am looking forward to seeing my first blooms, once the blooms arrive as will the Bee's. There was a lot of things i could have been doing just didn't have the motivation, I have to listen to my body, something I have learned with being disabled, if your body aches then its best to rest, if your feeling tired then a little more rest won't hurt, the kitchen can wait until i am feeling better.

coffee grinds.jpg

I have been reading up on a few garden tips, i have read that Coffee grounds are really good for your garden as long as they are used correctly. Filtered coffee grounds are good for Roses,

The coffee grounds are neutral to acidic in pH.
It also helps in getting rid of some garden pests such as bugs and slugs.
As it has nitrogen, it helps to loosen the soil.
It also attracts the worms to aerate the soil.
It helps in making the soil light around it.

Information found here.

I am all for anything to help me with my Roses and a extra bonus if they get rid of a few pests. The grounds have to be dried first as any mould in the coffee can cause problems, i will read more about it before using them, if they are far to much hard work they will go in the bin.

Hubby's having a hard time at work with sitting doing nothing for 12 weeks in isolation then jumps straight back in to building houses, he's coming home hunched up with a sore back, sore legs and his feet are burning. I think there is going to be a few early nights until hubby gets used to the hard work again, I shouldn't laugh but can't help it, When did he become a old man.

I have also got through day 3 of my weight loss plan, the first few days are bad, i am feeling hungry at the minute and a little light headed, that should clear up soon then i should start to feel a lot better, head clearer and more awake. I will be able to get a lot more done then, will be nice to not feeling sluggish and drained, lots of water will help.

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