Still not feeling well, managed a little more gardening. On to Round 2 off planting seeds. ๐Ÿ’๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒธ

11๊ฐœ์›” ์ „

Another cold miserable day, cloudy and cold plus i still feel poorly. I pushed myself to get out of bed and managed to get to the sofa without falling down, the dizziness is really bad at the minute. Hubby made me a coffee then i thought i would try and do a little more gardening as a few of my seedlings needed to be re-potted. I now have 2 pots filled with Cornflower, this is sitting next to my previous planting of Sweet pea, Hollyhocks, Poppy's, Sunflowers, Cosmos.

I wanted to get Round 2 started, i have a box full of jiffy seed pods to use and wanted as many as i could fit into my green house. I had a tray spare, i filled it with 60 seed pods, slowly added water until they were a good size then added the seeds, gave them a little more water then placed in the greenhouse.

Gardening 2nd round.jpg

I have planted seedlings i haven't used before so not sure how they will grow. I will have to add these to my garden journal and hopefully these will be added to my favourites list we will have to wait and see.

These are the seeds i used:


Gardening 2nd round 2.jpg

I now have around around 15 pots filled with flowers ready to grow, they are all looking strong and have definitely grown. I am leaving them in the best place until they are ready to bloom the they will be placed close to my Bee & Butterfly corner.

I planted a few pots of Sunflowers & Hollyhocks a few weeks ago, i am pleased to say they are looking really good, they seem to have taken and grown quite a bit. I am going to start a few more off just in case i lose any. They are placed one next to the other Sunflowers, Hollyhocks 10t, Sunflowers, Hollyhocks 10ft. Hopefully these will grow as they are supposedto, they should cover that wall.

Hollyhocks & Sunflowers.jpg

That's all i can manage to do today, hubby came to help me tidy up then i lay on the sofa until i stopped feeling Queasy. I have a couple of days before i do anything else out there now i can hopefully get myself sorted by then.

We have had some news about hubby getting back to work, he has to go in in Friday for a induction then back to work on Monday. Its going to be very strange when he does go back we will have to get back into a routine. Hopefully everything is getting back to normal and this virus isn't such a big deal anymore. I have bought him a few face masks and hand sanitiser, A little tip Don't leave your hand sanitiser in the car as the heat absorbs the alcohol.

I am now off to bed hopefully to shake this dizziness off, tomorrow is a new day.

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