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As I take a sip of my morning green tea, I shake my head in disbelief, and disgust over a headline that caught my eye.

"Encryption under fire in Europe as France and Germany call for decrypt law" (link)

This is a pattern that I have personally seen played out countless times, particularly since 9/11 -- using the widespread fear after a terrorist attack to push an agenda that has precious little to do with actually fighting terrorism.

It never fails to amaze me that the douchebag politicians fronting such ideas appear to have such an air of invincibility about them -- make no mistake, what they are proposing is the end of any and all privacy online.

The mere suggestion of something of this magnitude should immediately result in the imbecile who uttered it to be sacked of their public servant status. All benefits and pensions removed.

We must learn to identify and crush any initiative of this sort. The politicians who have the audacity to propose to enslave all of us must pay a price and see their careers burn to the ground.

And we must ask ourselves, why exactly has there been such an increase in terrorist attacks in Europe recently, anyway?

Our friend @dollarvigilante recently wrote something about this. It is worth considering.

Cui bono ?


We must not lose the internet. We must not lose privacy and anonymity, end-to-end encryption.

If we do, we are setting ourselves up for an Orwellian nightmare that few alive today can imagine the repercussions of.

And perhaps most important of all, we will have failed our children and their children.

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@karnal It's insane how governments continue to have success with the old "Problem, reaction, solution" strategy. They create the problem, the people look to the governments to save them, and the solution is always to take more and more rights and freedoms away.

It really looks like the internet may become fractured, but I'm confident that eventually people will come up with a stronger and better decentralized internet.

The internet is the last frontier of freedom , if we lose it, we are doomed, as humanity.

They're testing the waters; making sure that they get a feel for what the responses will be. Eventually they will get their way because they control so much of what we have to deal with already. Central banking, fiat currency, NAFTA, World Bank, FEMA, CIA, militarized police, rigged elections, FATCA, countless regulations mandated by bureaucrasts who weren't even elected and cannot be fired, government workers who obediently obey unconstitutional laws and orders while disregarding their sworn duty to uphold it - gradualism at its most exemplary. It's not a conspiracy when its a fact.


They're testing the waters; making sure that they get a feel for what the responses will be.

Right @karnal, nobody owns us. Were not animals that has rope in its nose that will always follow where they wanted to go or do what they wanted to do. Where humans, we are responsible for our lives not them.

  ·  6년 전

They will make everything just to stay as a ruling party on top of us , the people. More info that they have about us more we are slaves to them . But how one today can go off the grid , it's not possible . Or maybe it is ?

"Divide and Conquer". Such policies