Note to Self # 9: Passage Through Life is Precious


I've been having interesting flashes of thoughts of late. It seems truly odd that we say someone has "passed away" when their memory lives on in our minds. Reality seems so blur, and such a weak argument. Sure, I don't see them every day. But in a day and age of electronics, who do we truly see every day?

Are we interacting with "people" outside, or are we interacting with our thoughts, perceptions, memory and beliefs? We live within such an intricate self-made mental construct, it begs the question - how much of life are we present to as it is, and how much of it is us living and reinforcing our mental constructs?

If I didn't remember someone, does it mean they don't exist? Or never did? When we "die" are we truly g-o-n-e? Where do we g-o?

Funny how life is, yet it is so beautiful and complex.

Okay, perhaps the discussion of death may be too morbid, BUT truth is, our passage through life is so rich and abundant with miracles!

We move through each day in so many geographical locations. Something I'm quite aware of since I moved 22 houses in this one lifetime. But living in a big city now, you can't help but bump into at least 20-30 or more in a day. Short blips in each other's lives. A smile, helping keep the door open, giving up your seat. We don't live fleeting lives, we live very rich meaningful lives because, in just a matter of seconds, we have the ability within us to uplift another. The act of a simple smile.

I recently saw this picture in an album Mom took out. She was looking for a family portrait photo. The rest of the album, however, contained a large chunk of my teenage and young adulthood years.


This picture caught my eye. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember this friendship. We must have laughed together. Shared meals together. Then I went off to study, I don't know where life took her. But looking at this photo, not recalling her name even, she puts a smile on my face. I can't even say why.

We leave indelible marks in each other's memories and psyches. Things we carry with us. Postcards we collect in the journey of life. We know the bag will be left behind on the platform someday. Sometimes we might wake up and realise we don't need the luggage even and begin travelling a LOT lighter. Whatever our understanding of life is, one thing is for sure; each moment we do come in contact with another, is such a powerful moment. The choice is ours how we use it.

Keep shining, and keep smiling. :)

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I am not good at recalling people or the past, it always seems like a strange dream the times that I do have a memory that is a bit persistent. I think my bag has a hole in it and by the time I reach the platform it is empty :) !tip 1


I love that. And yeah, I think we all have holey bags. :) Makes for a very interesting journey.

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Throughout our lives we meet so many people. Some stay, some leave sooner than expected, some are there for a purpose. The only thing we have in the end are the memories. Not the names, not the facts, but the feelings that we experienced. What we remember is how we felt about something. If that memory puts a smile on our face, it was all worth!