This is my first Canadian winter in 5 years

24일 전

No, I didn't miss it lol. Fortunately, heating systems are really good in Canada so homes and businesses are quite warm. It just sucks to be outside and drive in this kind of weather.

This is just when the snowing started so it doesn't look so bad. Its worse right now as there is a blanket of snow on the ground and it's still snowing.

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Winter in China = air pollution.

180 AQI and rising, lovely.

I'd rather have the snow, even though it'd be total traffic chaos with that light dusting of snow.

It never ends well in Shanghai when it snows, bridges pile up with accidents and everything gets gridlocked.

Central heat is a fantasy, its often warmer outdoors than inside of most buildings.

Although I finally found some wool socks at costco.

Everyday is a challenge in China, part of the charm I guess.


China isnt as suited to winter as Canada. The heating in my home is great and snow plows remove the snow in the road. Such things didnt exist in Qinhuangdao when I lived there.

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It's worse here in America. We just got about 3 inches where I'm at haha. I love it!

Oh my God

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I know eh?

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