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Utterly brilliant metaphoric layout of the Game of Life. I've never been an RPG player (board or computer), although I have listened to an audio version of Ready Player One :D. In any case I didn't need to be one in order to see this coherent and comprehensive picture you've painted. Thank you 🔆


A few typos (I do this coz the piece is so beautifully written and, it seems, with great care for clarity, indicating to me that this might be something you'd find useful :):

  • The problems with having your parent players do so much of the decision-making for you areis manifold.
  • This each provide more options, either allowing players to become more skilled in a variety of areas, or
  • done simply by accumulating time, by repetitions, by ”farming”As we all know,

Thank you so much for your words! Certainly my target audience with this project will be gamers, sci-fi & fantasy geeks, and the like... but I would certainly love for it to be at least somewhat accessible to everyone who pics it up.

I've corrected those few things, thank you! This whole piece has already been gone through by a few people, but there always seems to be more to find :-)

i have similar idea - just build everything basic ECS(entity component system) - then let the players plug-n-play the different components - kind of like how cryptokitties uses DNA - you can have all these ECS components with different 'DNA' (the character/object/item etc)


That's a cool concept for a game!

What I'm actually writing about here is how principles, ideas, and stories from gaming/fantasy/sci-fi can help folks like healthier, happier, more empowered lives here in the RPG that we were all born into. Since RPGs are simply taking the blueprints for life and sticking them to a made-up world, let's use that blueprint for reality too.


ive been checkin it out once in a while - it's cool writing i think.

I spend all my time frikking coding for other people so i can eat LOL

one of these days i'll be able to wokr on my code - or maybe be a chainsaw carver - one of those two things ;)

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Thank you; I appreciate that!

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