Life At Newcastle Upon Tyne General Hospital ICU

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Life is good they say, but you only get that feeling when all is well with you, some people that are terminally ill and are in so much pain constantly are praying for death to come and take them away because they can’t bare the pain any longer. I share the time a loved one spent time at the intensive care unit (ICU) of Newcastle Upon Tyne General Hospital with the steemit community because it is something I won’t be forgetting a long while and I know some of you must have gone through similar experiences and can feel what I am saying.

Your State Of Mind

I had the opportunity to take someone very dear to me to the Newcastle Upon Tyne General hospital sometime in the past and she was placed on admission at the hospital for some time. The illness was life threating and the chances of survival were very small. I saw other patients with similar illness and I saw the look on the face of family members and that of friends that came to visit. I bet they looked at me in the same vein because you are filled with thoughts of the unknown.

You become an expert in an illness you’ve never heard of before instantly, you want to know everything about it, you want to know how your dear ones cause is better, best case scenario, worst case scenario, what do we look out for, what can we do to improve our chances, what are the alternatives. Everything seems to just always come back to your current situation. It makes you feel depressed a lot, nothing seems funny anymore and the food you eat is just to sustain your flesh, not that you’re hungry because your taste bods seem to go to sleep. The fear of the unknown can be seen on the faces of people around you and this seems to make you feel worse than you can ever be. If you went out to get some fresh air your thought are on what’s happening inside and finding peace of mind is not what you can find easily.

The Staffs

The doctors, nurses and others staffs of the hospital are just God sent, they do all in their powers to make you feel good. They have a smile on their faces all the time, trying so hard to make you happy and not think too much about your current situation. I always give them kudos any time I talk to people about the hospital because they are really wonderful people. You can see how some patients will try to make their day bad but they understand how they feel and try to calm them down and make them feel better.

At The End

Everything worked out very well at the end of my dear ones stay at the hospital, looking back at everything that happened as I blog about it, I believe I can say “life is good”. Cherish every moment life gives you, you might not have a second chance, be happy as much as you can and try and make others happy while you’re at it. Life gives and takes, we will remember the ones that have gone by their works while they were here with us, do all you can to touch people’s lives positively because you only live once.



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