My Visit To Iyanoba Market And My Encounter With An Agbero

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I visited the popular Iyanoba market in Lagos, Nigeria to get some stuff I needed for my rabbit farm. The place was chaotic yet well-organized this is contradictory you might say, read on.


After taking the pains to locate were the market is, the next thing to do was to find a parking space, unfortunately I couldn’t locate one, I was told I should have parked at any of the streets nearby before coming to the market on foot, I just didn’t see any secured enough place to park the car at in the first instance because all the adjoining streets had shops in front of the houses, it was going to be difficult to park in front of someone’s shop and then go to another place to buy something, they’ll usually tell you you’re blocking their market (obstructing there product display).

I managed to see an Agbero who agreed for me to pack at a space they created on the condition that I’ll find him something (tip him) when I come to collect my car. I guess you guys are wondering what an Agbero is? This is going to be difficult to explain but I’ll try my best. An Agbero is a low life area boy that is part of an organized gang that collects money for a would-be chairman. These would-be chairmen are assumed to remit part of the money to the authorities. This is why you see people complying with them even when they can be hash while carrying out their duties. And this is why you also don’t usually see the authorities taking firm actions against them.


All the umbrella stands, commercial motor bikes and buses you see in the photograph all pay royalties to the Agbero guys. They are not necessarily touts, I know this is what you may be thinking, but these guys are organized, believe it or not, they help maintain law and other in the market. Everything in the market had where you could go and get them, they had the meat section, fish section, clothing wears, food stuff, vegetables, book shops and many other sections. The life of an Agbero is not an easy one, they have to fight people that refuse to pay sometimes all in a bid to make the target given to them to deliver each day. This fight sometimes leaves them with loads of scares on their body and the frequent shouting makes their voice very harsh, so if you are a lady and you’re looking for a romantic man, an Agbero guy isn’t the man you’re looking for. Lol.

I got what I came for, went back to my car, tipped the Agbero guy and he started singing my praises, I started thinking that maybe I gave him too much. Lol. I was happy though, my car was safe, no scratches, I got what I came for at a far cheaper rate than what I normally get it for and it was time to go back home. Will I be visiting the market again? Definitely yes, but without my car, I’ll be going with public transport next time. Lol.

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  ·  2년 전

Cool pictures, the market is busy!


Yes it is very busy, thanks for reading and support.

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AMAZING POST @ketcom This post has been upvoted and resteemed by @minnowsupporter . Continue steeming with @minnowsupporter for more :)


@minnowsupporter great! Thanks a lot for your thumbs up.

How many rabbits do have in your rabbit's farm?
If you can able to make a post about your rabbit's farm tour then we love to read about those. Because we know that you have a rabbit farm and most of the time you spend on your rabbit farm. We love to see some baby rabbit. I love rabbits. My cousin has also 2 pet rabbits whenever I visited their home I always played with them.


Thank for your question. I actually have done a lot of post about my rabbits. I have a series Betty and Gina have just Kindle you can see that on my blog if you check. I also did some DTube videos of the kits development. I guess of late I've not done another video because of too much activities taking up my time.

I think at the last count I have over 50 of the cutes.

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First time I heard about Agbero guy. They are pretty interesting people. To get parking space is always a big problem, specially even if you have a four wheelers. Is that you first time visited in that market with car. I never go to the market with four wheelers, I prefer to use 2 wheelers or public bus. Public transportation very good option, but the problem is it waste your lots of time. Keep posting your experiences regularly, we love to read.


You are very correct my dear. Most times I want to go out with public transport but it is the waiting that discourages me if am in a hurry.

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you have a very nice vehicle. lol .Take care when you go place like this. Sometime we only can imagine those situations after facing those. So we feel not safe to face similar condition again. Those experiences are important to face similar conditions on latter. I like to talk some thing off topic. That was now your reputation has reached 59 and next achievement will be 60. I always wonder how you have reached there with so quick. Congratulation for that as well..


Thanks a lot for tagging along. Actually, your question is prompting a post I'll do when am at Rep 60. But I'll give you some briefs.

  1. Spend time studying how things work.

  2. Use DApps and steemit alternative platforms if you can handle them, they offer incentives for using them.

  3. Follow people that inspire you and people you can relate to.

  4. Be real, talking about normal stuffs and experiences in your life, it is easy.

  5. Learn from other peoples experience.

  6. Upvote as much as u can, it helps grow your steem power and give you some extra SBD.

  7. Invest if your can, it will propel you at the beginning.

  8. Take part in as much contest as you can, your mention there can lift you a lot, it exposes you to a wider audience.

  9. Be charitable with your upvotes. This is not a competition so don't be miserly with it. We're growing to gather.

  10. Join communities, they'll help you grow too. There is power in unit.

I'll review them when I get to Rep 60, I'll also elaborate on them then. For now the struggle to Rep 60 continues.

Hope that helps?

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I was about to say that make a post regarding this. Any how thanks for the explanation. I think you can make series of post regarding this topic. Please have nice post regarding No 2. (use of DApps etc. ) when you reach your next target. Hope you will reach their soon. Thanks


Thanks for you feedback

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you are giving us nice experiences !!


Thank you so much for reading and enjoying it. I do appreciate it.

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Nice one, I resteemed !


Thanks a lot. I appreciate your effort.

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I have faced similar situations sometimes when I going to park my vehicle in some areas. We always look for the safety of our vehicle. Therefore better next time use public transport or park the vehicle some safe place and walk to the market. That will good for you since you can have some exercise by walking. ..


Yes, I really need the exercises. Lol
Thanks for your comment.

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Maaaan,I would definitely leave my car at home if I was you.
I am sureyou were thinking about it all the time.Hahaha.
Or maybe I am too protective with my vehicle.Hehe


You read my mind. i couldn't do any other shopping even though I saw other stuff I wanted to buy. That was why when I came back and saw they car I over tipped. Lol. Definitely not going back there with my car.

upvoted and resteemed!


Thanks for your help.