$11,000 Bitcoin freewrite!

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Good day, Steemians! I’m at @caffetto. @tarotbyfergus, @vermillionfox, @guthrie and I are hanging out. I reached my quota of wins in Magic: The Gathering. @tarotbyfergus was playing a pauper deck, so although I’m basking in the victories, they weren’t exactly fair. I’m sitting out the next few games. I’ve been wanting to tackle a freewrite day with the milestone of five-figure Bitcoin. This last two years have been a grinding, lesson in humility. The prospect of a therapeutic writing session on the hopeful bull market seem like an appropriate use of time.

I could make this entire post about how much better my life was during the 2017 bull run, and I still might. Really, though, what this is about for me is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Most, I’m sure are aware, but for the psychologically uninformed, here is the premise. At our base carbon-based lifeform foundations, we need food, water and sleep. Secondly, we aspire for security; a place to live, a roof over our heads. Following that is social interaction and relationships, followed by self-esteem achievements and accomplishments.

That all brings us to the top of the Hierarchy. Self-actualization. This free-write is most about that time in 2017 when I brushed with the highest echelon of the famous Maslow model. I’ve told this story many times, but I was prolific during the dark $0.08 STEEM days. I was driven mostly by a distain for silo, centralized media. Steemit gave me the opportunity to share my work, uncensored, with full publisher ownership and be rewarded for it! My posts earned a few dollars […there wasn’t a lot of author competition at the time], and in a few months, I earned 13,000 STEEM POWER.

Around May of 2017, STEEM hit $2. I called @mada and asked if I, in fact, had over $20K in crypto, to which he replied “You do.”. The bull run that followed was life changing. Not just life changing, by thought changing as well. I grew up in Scranton, PA. Lower middle class, blue collar family. I’d always thought I wanted to be rich. What that parabolic time for cryptocurrency taught me is that I didn’t want to be rich. Subtle as it may be, there is a difference. I bought things I needed. Things I’d typically go without. Once @mada explained @blocktrades to me, I was able to fund my comic book ambitions.

Buying things for my family was also a viable investment. We were able to purchase @vermillionfox a 12.9” iPad Pro, which was the catalyst for her exploration in to art, photography and modeling. What I take from that time most, though, is no being stressed over bills. Not worrying about how I’d fill my gas tank. Where I’d come up with the money for groceries. December of 2017, more groceries than our family could eat in a week was a matter of selling 10 STEEM! I found myself thinking more, about life, about myself. About human beings. Why we’re here.

It was the first baby steps toward self-fulfillment. That threshold most will never know. Obviously, as we now know, that time of prosperity wouldn’t last, and with it’s decline, so did my ability to traverse my own actualization. I was quickly thrust back in to a world of bills, credit card payments, debt, deadlines and stress. I’ve been there since. I have my friends, my family and my career. I am rich in other ways, but systemic disparity and financial hardships extinguished those first flames of my coveted Hierarchical advancements.

Now, I’m watching Bitcoin […as an umbrella statement, encompassing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology] return to a parabolic growth, reminding me of life during those fleeting months of 2017. If you were around during that time, regardless of which project you invested in, I have to imagine those thoughts are on your mind as well. “Is this it?”. “I’ll do things differently, this time.” I am thinking those things, but I’m thinking a lot about thinking as well. Maybe warming the engine that’ll be a return to contemplating my life beyond my day to day existence.

I’m cautiously optimistic, but what the rise and fall of the crypto-market taught me last time is, I can’t wait for it. I need to keep working, keep shooting, keep writing and keep thinking. Do you remember those bizarre magic eye posters in the 90’s? That’s what self-actualization felt like to me. It was something I couldn’t see. Most of us from birth are conditioned to struggle, and that is how we’re blinded to the highest levels of personal awareness. Once you see it, though, you can’t unsee it. Even if it fades, you know it’s there.

With that, I’m going to close this session of reflection. To be honest, it was more for more than anyone else […isn’t that one of the beautiful phenomenons about Steemit? It’s like going to a therapist, then getting paid for it]. The last few days, I’ve been sorting an unusual amount of thought, and seeing $11,000 Bitcoin prices is surging the input/output substantially. We’ll see where things go. I’m excited! For more art, photography, thoughts on life and existence, follow me here at @kommienezuspadt!

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Definitely days are more colorful when the btc hits 11k after a long time!
More to come! <3


Yeah. There was a little setback with the Coinbase crash a few days ago, @mamalikh13. What can you do, though? It'll recover, I hope.


That's for sure! I mean we have to have the 100k bitcoin in mind already!
The big fishes are entering the space. <3 :)

Hallo @kommienezuspadt, how are you doing? It's nice to be able to read your writing in the morning. Bitcoin is going up now and I'm sure this is good news for you. For me bitcoin go up, it don't affect me because I don't have coin crypto. I am only happy if the price of steem goes up and I can sell it for my daily needs. . Enjoy your day, sir.


I'm great, @elianaelisma! How are you? It will start to effect you as you accumulate more STEEM and STEEM POWER. Typically, Bitcoin goes high and the value makes it's way to the Altcoin market days or weeks later. Just keep doing what you're doing, posting and being a good friend.

I love your reflections, as you probably know by now :) I think you are a rare person who takes the time to stop and think and look back and re-assess where you are going, what are you doing and if indeed those things are still hold true. It's super heart-warming also to read that a little financial boost means a lot of changes, this is something that most of us can relate to :) You are very open and very honest, and it's inspiring * ___ *

I hope that the future will bring a lot of success and excitement :) Hopefully crypto is entering another bull phase, and that in turn, it will bring about great realizations to some of your goals, life and artistic, and otherwise <3

Love your work and your beautiful spirit, Lars <3 You're one of the few people on Steemit that I really feel thankful to have come across, with Foxi, as well ! :D :D :D


This was one of the sweetest comments I've never received, @veryspider. I know I've ranted about this, but I long to be recognized for my illustration far more than my photography. I do love having Steemit as a platform that I can share my thoughts, insecurities and aspirations. The freewrites are some of my favorite posts to make, so I'm glad that you enjoy them. I feel thankful to have met you here as well, my friend! Thank you for always being so kind and supportive.🖤

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I now seem to be where you were before the beginning of the last bull run. I’ve earned just under 13k steem Power. I do know what it feels like to have a high-valued steem. I started on Steem on December 1st of 2017. Just in time to get a taste of proper payouts, only to then have it dwindle ever slowly. We’ve landed right around $0.40 as of now and i constantly visualize a day where we are over $10 again.

I just want my sovereignty.


You and me, both @daltono. If STEEM surges again, it's the kind of financial freedom you can't imagine. I wasn't frivolous with it, but the ability to send 10 STEEM to @blocktrades and buy enough groceries for a week, or pay a utility bill, was like living someone else's life.


That’s just so insane, yet very possible to happen again.
We both know how easily 10 Steem can be earned. The day where my priorities are me desires and passions.. that’s when I will be at an ultimate level of life.

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!!

@tarotbyfergus was playing a pauper deck, so although I’m basking in the victories, they weren’t exactly fair

LOL, Im sure it was a most equal duel. I remember playing 2 guys with my old power deck and beating both of them. Black Lotus, Mox x 5, Timewalk, Regrowth etc..., it was a long time ago (1995)…, you just might be able to take on 2 pauper decks with a decent modern one and do the same :)


Do you still have that Black Lotus, @slobberchops!? WHOA! Personally, I like playing the craziest, broken cards in the game. I don't have any other forms of recreation. I don't have a problem spending money on wild cards, so Pauper isn't for me, but @vermillionfox and @tarotbyfergus are having a lot of fun with it.


I had 2 Unlimited ones, and 2 sets of Mox but sold them all in the late 90's. The last Lotus went for £140. A bloke took the train over 100 miles to get it. He got a bargain.

Your better off getting a set of proxies. They can be found sometimes on ebay. I have a fake Beta Lotus here, but you can easily tell its not real. Sleeved they will look real enough for casual play.

Great freewrite! is a very important issue that you have raised, much the same happened to us. Being a reflective person you have the level of analyzing what is good and bad for you and your family from past experiences.

It is interesting to stop and think about ourselves, what happens to us, what happened to us and what could happen. From what I see your life was better in 2017 thanks to the bullish market of cryptocurrencies, (for everyone it was amazing;)), to be able to give you and your family luxuries, was emotionally amazing! since he had not given the opportunity, but then the market collapsed causing your life to return to "reality". The good thing about all this is that you now have that experience and now you can think better in a new bull market so it will allow you to make the most of it but with more maturity so that it does not happen again. The market is unstable, but we can with everything that happened in the past, thinking very well before doing impulse things that are sometimes unnecessary.

It seems that Bitcoin is on the right track!
We hope that the market rises, we all need it.
Greetings to you and the family!


Thank you, @yanes94! 2017 was a glimpse in to the way things "could be", and I'm really hoping for that again. You're right. The market is so volatile. This recent drop of $2000 on the Bitcoin price was apparently because Coinbase went down, not being able to supply the FOMO demand. I hope things turn around again. I've been watching the BTC price dance around $12K and if it breaks that resistance level, I'm hoping we'll see things moon like they were before the correction. Hope you're well.

Your comic on the steemian is one of my favorite posts right.

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Was one of the greatest moments in my life. I posted a short story I had written, and earned over $1,000 on it. No one ever paid for my stories before.