Understanding Hemi-Sync And How Can We Connect To Our Subconsciousness? A CIA Document Proving Consciousness Creates Reality?


As I promised, today I will be diving into a new way of connecting to our subconsciousness. Yesterday I talked about how our brainwaves work and we concluded that our subconsciousness operates around 7.83Hz or even lower to 7 and 7.5Hz. Which is the Schumann resonance that we are always subconsciously connected to its fundamental value. So people have been curious to how can we connect our consciousness and resonate in a total harmonic way with Earth and our body as a whole?


Here I present to you Hemi-Sync - which is an abbreviation of hemispheric synchronization or in other words connecting our left and right brain in one network of operation. Our brain is most of the time chaotic, it may transfer information from one part to another and vice verse but it operates on the form of a lamp. Lamps light is chaotic around the restrictions they have, their energy is unordered. Our goal with Hemi-Sync is to create a laser-like brainwave pattern where our frequency of operation is not chaotic but rather linear and harmonic. Unlike other methods like meditation or yoga - Hemi-Sync does not require years and years of practice. It does take time to master, but compared to meditation or yoga it is way faster. So how does it work?

Bob Monroe created the Monroe Institute where he conducted experiments with people with these types of consciousness enhancing practices. He used beats known as binaural beats. They work on two main operations of the brain. The first phenomenon is called frequency following response or FFR for short. It means that if the human mind hears a sound frequency which is naturally produced by the brain in a specific brainwave, the human mind will begin to mimic the same frequency pattern by adjusting its brainwave output. It basically means that if I hear a Theta wave naturally produced by the brain and I operate on a Beta frequency - I will adjust my output to mimic what I am hearing. Since Theta is associated with sleep, I may go from fully awake state to a semi-conscious and fall asleep if I do not consciously rebel against that frequency I am hearing. There is a problem tho since Theta waves are outside of the hearing spectrum of sound by the human brain we cannot actually hear the Theta waves simply by playing them. But here it comes the way binaural beats work - it uses another phenomenon called the brains capacity to deducting "beat" frequency. What does that do? Well if the brain gets exposed to two different sound frequencies at the same time where the left ear has 10hz less than the right ear - to fix that gap our brain produces the exact same frequency by a third sound it creates based on the deduction of both two frequencies which were simultaneously exposed to our brain. Although we hear two audible frequencies simultaneously, our brain ignores both of them and hears the gap between them. So if the brain is exposed to a frequency in the left ear which is 10Hz below another frequency in the right ear, it ignores both of them - starts producing 10Hz beats and it listens to them instead, filling the created gap. With stereo supportive headphones this can be achieved and we do a Hemi-Sync based on what is the subtraction between these two frequencies. Making the whole mind-body connection operate rhythmically enhancing your capabilities. Below are four images with additional information:


As you can see it is a declassified CIA document. It has everything about the Gateway as they call it of connecting both hemispheres to a perfect synchronization by Hemi-sync. It has in-depth information about the process and I advise you to read this document.
It goes into great detail about what does Hemi-sync provide you to do. As you read above it said it can achieve telepathic connection with a person similarly tuned no matter where he/she is on Earth. We indeed communicate telepathically with similarly tuned people. One example: if you know a person for a long time and have built a connection - after time goes on and you communicate with one another - words can model your both frequencies and you can have a telepathic connection with a person who is similarly tuned. But here with Hemi-sync, it goes around the whole Earth and even beyond that if someone tunes to your frequency.

Hemi-Sync allows us to connect to our subconsciousness which operates on the same 7.83 frequencies. Getting closer to this tune will provide you with an inside in the deepest places in your mind and it will go even beyond that - in the whole atmosphere of Earth. You could, in fact, influence people just by frequencies. Not only that, this document gives us an inside in what we can achieve by Hemi-synch, which is total control of the reality we are now and creating the reality we want to have by connecting our both left and right hemisphere. How is that? Well, our imagination creates thoughts, if we connect by tuning to 7.83 Hz, we by imagining a situation create the fundamental particles to later matter forming it visually. It means that our thoughts go to this supercomputer and they get with time reality. Because our invisible and visible world has a dilation we would experience these changes over time when the invisible world makes these connections. A second wave as I call it is experienced and a set of "lag" makes reality materialize after a long duration of us creating visual representation by our thoughts in this superstate of 7.83Hz sync. But the time duration between thoughts and reality vary from the form of what we want to materialize. If we want to change the entire world, it would need a gigantic amount of time and energy generated by our thoughts which we may not produce or have the time and energy to. But thoughts are the foundation of reality and we indeed control it.

It goes even deeper into explaining how Hemi-Sync can help us remote view a place based on the phenomenon known as non-locality as I mentioned in my previous post. It says also that with enough practice and only small percentage of all Monroe institute participants achieved that, we can revisit the past because the supercomputer has what is needed to recreate back reality based on the principle that time as "now" is compressed by past and it can predict the future based on the provided information of the "now". That is the next step that only around a small percentage of all the participants achieved - seeing the future by compiling every bit of information from the "now".


This paper document was released to the public in the year of 2003. It was made in 1983, just imagine how much they can do now, that we do not know it even exists. Everything I say is documented in this document I presented. Everything was researched to be true. Go an read this 30ish paperwork that is so fascinating it will make your mind go wild for days and even years to come.

Personally, I have been using binaural beats recently for sleep and they work perfectly. I need in fact to try and use a 7.83 binaural beat of some type but I haven't used one yet. They work like a charm and the first time I used them for sleep I slept like a baby. It was a fantastic full refreshed sleep of around 6 hours (even not a full 8-hour rest and I was feeling like a newborn). First time I used an advanced binaural beat track. Here is the link:

But for first-time starters, it may not work so well because it may cause headaches. I did not have that side effect or any other but by the creator, it is advised to start from a gentle binaural beat as this one:

There are even beats for naps that work fantastically from the same creator of the two above. Here is one:

I find this 20 min nap beat to be perfect but there are others which are shorter in his channel if you want to nap for less. I overall love them and they can do so much more I believe, that is yet to be explored by me. There are binaural beats with subliminal messages tho so you need to know what you are listening to because some are programming you with messages. I know these that I shared above to be perfectly fine and all from this creator specifically. There are even binaural beats which are poorly done and not semi-clean as these above so you need to dig deep and find good ones. I would try and update you guys when I explore more of them. This is what I have done for now.

Overall, our mind and consciousness are more advanced than we have ever imagined. It can do a ton of stuff and we are just beginning to uncover its potential. It can recreate our reality as a whole. It is mind-blowing. As always, thanks for reading and have an awesome day. Peace and love <3

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Amazing article! I have to look into the CIA document. I know about Monroe‘s work since the early 2000‘s. I have his Gateway Experience series, for out of body training. I never went through the entire training but I always felt it is important. Connecting it now to Remote Viewing, another CIA research, makes so much sense. Thanks for this, as you have created some synchromysticism for me with that.

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Sadly that every work of Monroe is now for sale. I couldn't find any materials of his binaural beats for free. I believe he made them cleaner than most of the youtube ones. Don't have the money sadly to buy some of his work, if you do start experimenting with his tapes - please do a post or let us know how it went. About the synchronization stuff - it is odd that an hour before seeing your comment I went on and watched a video on youtube about synchronization and how believing in it creates more of it. So I said to my self that I am more open to synchronization with the path I need to follow and later on you speak about synchronization. Does that count tho Idk but it is odd and amusing at the same time. Have a nice day and thank you for stopping by.

This is absolutely fascinating. I've been experimenting with binaural beats lately, and other forms of meditative aids. I've been articulating much of what you wrote here in a much less scientific way--more simply put: I've been telling folks this stuff. Even the part about telepathy and connecting frequencies...and now you've given me some science to back up my personal experiences.

In the beginning, when I first started meditating, I could attain a theta state and remain there long enough to have some effect. Now, for some reason, I go straight from fully awake to sound asleep and therefore lose much of the benefit of any conscious meditation. It's a problem.


Really binaural beats are awesome. For how long have you used them and have they changed from aspects of effect? I just want more information about it from people who have some experience. I am not a meditation expert but if you fall asleep from meditation too quick, maybe try to slow your breath not as deeply. I mean, I am still new to meditation and I try to slow my breath deeply but as time goes on and you start to get better at it, I think you would get to a sleep state faster. But if you try to control your breath so it is not as slow to make you asleep and not too fast - it may work. Finding this balance is the hard part, that is why binaural beats are so easy and efficient. They force you into a state no matter of your breath and experience. Thank you for stopping by and have an awesome day!


I've been doing this for about a year now. Binaural beats still affect me in a positive way. It's the best sleep ... I haven't noticed a difference in dream activity, but I sure do wake feeling refreshed.

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