✨MY VERY FIRST POST!!!✨ Let me introduce myself.

4년 전

Hello beautiful people,

my name is Kristin but close friends call me Krissi. Eventually it ended up being Grizzy. haha

So, i am 24 years old and I live in Hamburg, Germany (born and raised ;) ).
I studied graphic design and eventually graduated last year. I love to draw, sing, dance like nobody is watching 💃 and especially take pictures of beautiful or stunning things surrounding me. That's why I thought Steemit will be a great platform for me to let me be myself.

I am looking forward to share my content , make some friends and just have a great time with the community. ❤️



People have always said that I am weird and crazy. Like many other kids I was a more shy and silent person. Growing up I haven't had much self-esteem and took those words in a negative way. But I figured how to turn those words into charming characteristics that i now use to describe myself! 🤪🤪🤪

There is nothing wrong with being crazy or a little bit weird and awkward.

I would like to share my stories and experiences of my daily life on Steemit.
I have been traveling my whole life, that is also why I love it so much. Exploring the world ist just the best way to enjoy life to it´s fullest. There is so much to see and so much to learn.
And with me joining this community I decided to also share some moments of me singing covers of songs.😳🎤🎶
I am not very good and definitely not the best! But I will like to sing and just have fun with it.☺️😇 Hopefully I can put a smile on you.



(this is me at work. Dressed casually and more comfortable in my own way.)

Another thing about me is that I love sports. I use to do martial arts, play volleyball, go swimming and so much more. Nowadays I only got time for the gym nearby. It is not much but enough for my current day to day life. #weights




I am German with Chinese roots. I speak Mandarin, Cantonese, German, English and a little bit of Korean & Vietnamese.
The vietnamese is because I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of vietnamese Families . So eventually I gradually understood more and more. In school I learned French but... I never used it afterwards. haha
Growing up I use to watch Chinese Dramas ( Asian television or film drama) with my mom. And at some point Korean Dramas got their way into our Computer and then the binge watching began .👀

Currently I am trying to teach myself Spanish. It is a beautiful language.
By now you would have figured that I got a thing with languages. I do, I really do love it!

That is all for my first Post and I am looking forward to interact with #steemit #community <3

Go and have a great day peeps!


Check out my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krx.h/

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Hello :) I'm 24 too. If you like illlustration check out my blog ;)


i will definitely check out your blog :)

Hey..welcome to the platform...may you have a great time here...


Thank you so much. may you also have a great time :))


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