Create time for people that matter!!!

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Have you ever heard your phone ring and it's either your mum, dad, sibling or a close friend and you are really busy doing something, but you keep them on the phone while you simultaneously do what you were doing and attend to their call? In the process, your attention is divided and you give them very shabby response because you are not really into the conversation. Yes, I have been there before, I used to do it a lot. But I want to believe I have changed though.

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Most times, it's very easy for us to neglect our loved ones,get too busy for them or take them for granted because may be we feel that no matter what happens, they will always be there for us. But really it does not work that way. Whatever we put into our relationships is what we would get from them. If we want more,we certainly have to put in more.

In some other cases, our loved ones crosses our mind too, but fail to reach out to them because we want them to reach out to us first. I can remember when I used to patiently wait for my dad to call me on phone, but he wouldn't, and I wouldn't call him either because I expected him to be the first to call, afterall I am his daughter. Little did I know that calling on phone was not just his thing and how wrong I was not to have put a call through first. This does not mean that he is totally right, even if calling on phone is not his thing, he has to learn to make it his thing at least for his children. However, 'one' must take a decision to be the first to extend a hand of friendship.Much later in life, I decided to be that 'one' and me and my Dad get along better now.

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No matter how busy your life is, no matter what your excuse could be, creating time for your loved ones is what you have to deliberately and consciously do. They are called "loved ones" because they love you and you love them. The only way you can repay them for their love is by showing them that you love them and one of the best ways to show that you love them is to give them your time and attention. And this is something you have to do with all happiness and enthusiasm.

Spend time with your kids, dont go all "daddy is busy" all the time. And if you must spend time with them, don't try to do something else alongside, your kids are watching and they will sure feel bad if you do.

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When your phone rings and it's mummy, daddy, sibling, close friend or any other loved one and you are really busy. It's either you ask them to call you back or you put down everything and give them your full attention.

Always try to keep in touch with your loved ones, don't wait for them to call you first, call them first! If both parties are waiting for who would reach out first, no one would reach out and the relationship might go sour. One day, they might be gone and you would wished you stayed in touch. So now while you can, why not stay in touch. Never get too busy for people that matter. Create time for them!

Thanks for reading!



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I'm so guilty of this post. Social media and blockchain technology even made it worse, my relationship with people offline has been messy. I've lost touch with family and friends, and other times I struggle to keep in touch. But most times, I do feel all alone that it hurts!


You don't have to feel alone dear. The little time you get just try to keep in touch and ensure you make it worthwhile.

We often times feel like our loved ones are always there and will always be there, so we take them for granted. I believe we can do better with our relationship with them once we begin to give them that attention that they deserve. Great piece!


You are right. Thanks for stopping by!

You are absolutely right, your writing should call us to reflect on spending more quality time with our loved ones (parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, husband), this will allow us to be happier and make them happier....
I know that it is not easy, because I myself often feel overwhelmed by the occupations and do not dedicate the quality time my children deserve, and my parents can not give them that quality time because they left long ago.


Thank you!
I understand! However,Quality time here does not mean that you have to spend all your time on them. No matter how little the time you have to spend on your kids is, make it worthwhile and give them all the attention during that time frame. This is the real deal.😀😀

I feel like calling someone right now.


Lol. Pls who is that?

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I am guilty as charged here 🙈


Hahahaha. There is still time to amend your ways😁😁


Awww. You even summoned @lost-ninja. So much kindness. I feel so loved. Thanks @emjoe.

You have been defended with a 40.00% upvote!
I was summoned by @emjoe.

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Thank You.

To have the awareness to be in the present moment is not easy, but once we started to be aware of our surrounding and enjoy the moment, that's the greatest satisfying feeling ever.

Great post @kweenbrand!


Thanks for your comment @roselifecoach


My pleasure.

Thank you so much for this reminder! At times, our tasks and our time with work consumes us that we forget to spend time to those people who matter. :)



You are welcome. Am glad you found this post worthwhile. Thanks for coming around!


:) Always happy to drop by!

Oh, this is so so true! I have such a bad habit at the moment of prioritising my work over family and friend time because I'm trying to build my Freelance business. It's really bad of me, but I'm not very good at finding balance. I'm working on it though...

Family is so important and at the end of the day, they're your biggest supporters and will always be there for you no matter what. They really deserve our undivided attention and love!

Thanks for sharing this great post :)



Well said! Indeed,family deserves our undivided attention and love because they will always the there for us. we just have to try to make time for them in our busy schedule. Thanks for your comment!

Such a valuable message worth repeating @kweenbrand. I've always thought that no one on their death bed ever said, "I wish I would have worked more".


Am glad you found this message valuable. Thanks for your support ma'am.


My Dad's a little like your's. Mum was very inclusive, and now that's she's gone my Dad is even more of a loner. Though he is my neighbour, if I don't make the effort to see him, he just does his own thing.
Which reminds me, I owe him a Father's Day lunch.

You are so right, they are called "loved ones" for a reason 😊


Hahaha. He will always be your dad, so you have to give him the best treat. Thanks for stopping by dear!

This post speaks directly to me.. 😓