Deprogramming From Parasitic Manipulation

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Author's note: The written portion of this post is more of a transcript than an article and made to complement the video.. so apologies for the odd format of writing in advance :)

Claiming Sovereignty From Parasitic Control

How one can participate in a radical act of rebellion that is peaceful, yet strong enough to shatter the illusion that keeps parasitic groups dominating our race?

This whole illusion, this matrix, this belief system, this culture, this engineered perception of reality thrives off nothing more than people's insecurities and self-resentment; much of this itself has created. It is a essential core part of the programming because no one can make you feel more weak, helpless, and stupid than your own self. When you perceive yourself as weak, consciously or unconsciously, you're in the ideal mental state to be manipulated because you're not even secure within yourself. This, well-demonstratively, has caused endless, needless division among people, but worst of all causes deep division within ourselves.

As humans, we have been made to feel ugly, insecure, worthless, etc. when it is actually the parasites that are insecure and naturally seek to bring insecurity among us; it is all they know and it is also the best form of control. Individuals, on the other hand, are capable of much more than we can conceive, but instead of using this force to create what we want by our own will, from birth we have been tricked into participating and perpetuating this fear-based system. Our creative powers have been harnessed through manipulation. As a people, we have for a long time willingly given our god-given forces to believe and manifest an agenda which only works to serve a small, parasitic group.

To be clear, I say this not to guilt trip but to point out the fragility of this illusion, which strikes me as a mass psychotic hallucination that we unconsciously create. It is very fragile because without this creative power of the masses, of each individual, it could not exist.

Let us contemplate the nature of parasites. A parasite is an organism that feeds off of another one that it needs to live. In this instance, the powers that be need our ignorance, fear, hate, division, stupidity, etc which fractal out into the many worldly manifestations of control and degeneration that we see playing out today. These parasites are ignorant and very insecure, and so they need us to be ignorant and insecure, both because its all they know and it makes us easy to control.

The drawback of being a parasitic group is that it relies on others for all of its power. They only have the resources we allow them to have.

These parasites thrive because they are very clever in maximizing and harnessing the lower human characteristics that build their empire. Not just on a physical/economic level but deeper, on a mental and emotional level where their core programming actually has taken hold in mankind. These parasites thrive on you hating yourself, on feeling shame for who you are. We are all victims of this and so we must all learn to truly have love and acceptance for ourselves and in turn, others.

Let us contemplate now the nature of human beings, aside from the trauma induced mind control. Surely we are not perfect, but the human race is a beautiful one, with a compassionate and benevolent nature that has remained in our hearts throughout the ages, despite brutal defeat and suffering. We are conscious creators of reality, we have inner abilities so great and so threatening that is must be squashed as soon as we are out of the womb. Mankind is beautiful, resilient, loving, striving, intelligent, and spiritual force.

One begins to see how deep then the philosophy of agorism actually goes, for we must learn to reclaim our sovereignty as individuals on the deepest level of our being. It is a time where we must open our hearts up. I continue on to say not only is the defense mechanism against parasitic control, but it is also the greatest offense.

Truly contemplate on what it means to love yourself, not in a narcissistic conceited way which is just another form of insecurity, but in a true, compassionate way. This is important not because it merely brings you peace but because this is how you begin to remember your inner powers and how to begin to use these powers for your own will, rather than the will that has been conditioned in you since the moment you were born.

This form of love is vital an it is fundamental because its at the root of who you are, its how you treat yourself and treat others.

The parasitic forces have so much success in harnessing our power because its an extremely potent creative force. And so it is that we begin to see how deep the philosophy of agorism really runs. We must learn to not only deprogram this bad belief system, but in its place reprogram new pathways of consciousness that we willfully create.

The reason we must learn to love ourselves is because that is when we can actually take back the reigns to our birthright as conscious creators of this reality. I truly do believe this is our birthright as human beings but it has been more than forgotten: it has been consciously banished and unconsciously harnessed for parasitic people. Its not even that most humans don't think about this or practice this, they can't even conceive the possibility of it. It has been robbed of them since birth; it has been subliminally retooled to not only comply to a degenerating system but to help create it. This is the level of slavery we are witnessing. And it has been harnessed as such, again, because it is such a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Though I am drawing out a hard truth, it is to emphasize our great power and strategy towards freedom and peace. If you are watching this, be grateful that you have the vision to not only deprogram this matrix but to create entirely new possibilities. This is a remarkable gift and it has a purpose in this world. We will be the initial wave that can help humanity claim sovereignty back not just on their property but in their hearts.

We live in an era where accepting yourself, all your gifts and flaws, is a radical act of rebellion. We must begin to look within and remember who we are, not what we've been programmed to think we are. This goes much deeper than politics, than economics, than philosophy, than science, than religion. This goes deep into our DNA, into our being, into our essence.

There are many reasons why loving yourself is such a challenging task. But you, just like every other individual, are worthy of love and forgiveness. Fear based control can't manipulate those who truly have love and security in their being; parasitic forces can't understand the capacity of a human being who has awakened to their power. When you cut your fear out of fear based control, it dissipates like the parasitic force that it is.

As you begin to strengthen yourself against fear-based tactics and step into your own god-given power, it begins to make a lot more sense to you how a parasitic force could manipulate reality of the masses. It makes sense because you start to consciously realize your potential as an individual and the creations you can induce within and without. We are a beautiful, powerful species but we hate ourselves, and it reflects back at us brutally in the form of those who "rule" us. We must take responsibility back, we must learn to be sovereign on all levels, to stop looking outside for authority and power and look within to create a world that we wish to live in.

In doing so, we free ourselves and we lead by example, helping others as they slowly awaken to their own inner power.

Thanks for listening/reading!

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If you really want to take back your sovereignty, learn the Marcratic Method.
'There is no such thing as gov't, only an organized gang of men and women that force perfect strangers to pay and obey them.'


Thank you! I will check it out, thanks for the link :)


Im curious to know what you think this world is? Do you think its a program or simulation? Im completely obsessed with this topic. I promise if your honest I wont make fun of you:)

we must all learn to truly have love and acceptance for ourselves

How about starting with yourself? ;)
Your hair is dyed and neither are your eyebrows in natural shape.
(Sorry, this was just too easy to notice ...)

On other paragraphs you're telling people they're right to live in their own bubble. Apart from the fact that each of us does that to some extent and a growing people are doing that to an extent that I consider anti-social, how cab you assume we're on earth to keep to ourselves? Doesn't this idea rather sound like a wasted life to you?


I don't see what that has to do with anything. Accepting yourself also means accepting your wants and desires. I'd like to look great. Back when I didn't care about myself very much I was just sitting around and wasting away, now that I care more I've started working out. And sure it's healthy and all, but that's not the only reason I'm doing it. I think that because of this post I'm going to start picking my eyebrows too, there are some stray hairs here and there. Vanity is part of being human too, it's just another thing to accept and love about ourselves. Once you start feeling better on the inside, then wanting to look better on the outside comes naturally anyway. Not only does it make yourself feel better, sometimes it brightens the day of others too.

There is no such thing as a wasted life, thinking that is a bubble. It just means you put yourself above others who you deem unworthy, seems like you could use some self love to me. Not everyone has to be like you, for me just meditating everyday was a big step to take, is that a waste of life too? Besides, many spiritual practices advocated keeping to ourselves, including one of the oldest in existence, the Tao Te Ching, which was written about 2500 years ago by a hermit.

If I misunderstood your post I apologize, I can get a bit annoyed when someone tries to put others down to feel better about themselves, which is what I feel you're doing.


She is doing it a lot ^^

A lot of truth in these words... though I'm not sure what was meant by "odd formatting of writing", this piece seemed to flow coherently enough to me :P

There really is no better word than "parasite" to describe those who presume to rule the world. It pains me to consider the progress humanity could have made if our productivity, our very life force was not continually siphoned away only to be turned and used against us. You've aptly described how obtuse is our vision and how delusion is our closest neighbor.

Beginning at infancy, we've been taught that blind obedience equates to goodness. In the Prussian schooling system, on which all modern public education programs are based, the notion is reinforced whether by punishing dissent or by rewarding compliance - always exalting the State as the benevolent parent. This conditioning instills an ever lasting child-like mentality that persists well into adulthood and it causes us to crave authority because, like children we can't imagine life without our parents. What a sad state of affairs it is when humans never realize their full potentialities; when they don't even have a desire to.

But how do the aware among us propagate? I believe it was Mark Twain who observed that it's easier to fool a man than to convince him he's been fooled. What would the denizens of Plato's cave think if one of the shadows on the wall began spouting crazy tales of three dimensional beings?

So far, I've found nothing better than by modelling integrity through your own personality; by treating human beings as if they were actual human beings - autonomous entities bearing full agency and worthy of respect. When people see the goodness of human nature in you, they instinctively know it to be true, because they are reminded of its existence within themselves. You provide stark contrast to the lies they've been fed - that people are nothing more than depraved barbarians, ever descending into chaos if left to their own devices. But of course, you have to believe all of this to be true for yourself first. If you can't love yourself, you can't love anyone else, either. I know how corny and clichéd this is about to sound, but... maybe love is all it takes?

Recently I've come to recognize the depth of programming and conditioning people have sustained in our "modern" society and asked "What have you lost?"

Not to many want to admit to giving up anything, or having lost something valuable that went unnoticed, that they are the decider, especially those who consider themselves awake. I consider this pride and it's a very difficult hurdle for many.

I've been working on, experimenting and testing a method I call "Ethical Emergence" that seems to be a much more effective approach to people starting with the seed of giving themselves time to consider listening to their own internal voice and actually adopting a lifestyle that's conducive to their own growth and independence.

I'm grateful for your acknowledgement of this and your heightened awareness. Keep up the good work!

Very well put sound advice. This message is resonating with so many more people these days and the more we mention it the more hear it. The world is indeed changing 💯🐒


The world is changing - and not for the better.


I disagree! Indeed we have a lot of shit times ahead but people are waking and other options are being implements and discussed this are growing. Awareness is high a the human consciousness is rising, good times are ahead maybe not imminent but we are slowly waking up the right path 💯🐒


@isarmoewe It seems to me like a major pillar of control - the monopolization of narrative - is imploding right before our eyes. In this age where ideas and information flows freely (at an unprecedented rate), we are seeing major news outlets essentially hang themselves for the foolishness they proport.

Some examples I can cite are:

  • Mainstream Media vs. Pewdiepie: An incident wherein WSJ made a laughable attempt to portray Felix Kjellberg as an outright Nazi. Many claims by many formerly credible news outlets have been leveled at Felix since, and all instantly became the butt-end of jokes by all who possessed even a cursory understanding of who Pewdiepie is and what he's about.

Check out that Like/Dislike ratio!

  • Gaming "Journalism" vs. Gamers: Similarly to the MSM vs. PDP example above, gamers and gaming culture have been one of the earliest groups targetted by major news outlets for destruction (it seems that our self-appointed overlords don't like the fact that the many cultures created by human activity and interaction make them less malleable and less easily manipulated). Gamers have fought long and hard to maintain their identity and, in doing so, have also done their part to erode the legitimacy of mainstream narratives.

For an extensive, well-researched report, see seattle4truth's work on gamergate:

  • The last example I'll cite is the recent Gillette ad (or "short film" - as they refer to it). In it, Gillette shamelessly lambasts the primary demographic making up its customer base - men - asserting that... well, just see for yourself:

We now have hordes of previously life-long brand loyalists vowing to never purchase another Gillette product, nor support Gillette's parent company, Procter and Gamble. Brings a tear to my eye.

Many indications lend credence to the assertion that the powers-that-shouldn't-be have the least amount of influence over the general populace today, than ever before. Even Zbigniew Brzezinski (good riddance) himself agreed:

SImply put, I find the defeatist attitude distasteful. It is the mentality of the broken and conquered. Why should be adopt such an attitude? Like Regan so often reminds us, we are powerful! More and more I've been discovering that we create our own reality; a positive outlook produces positive outcomes, while negative ones do the opposite. So I invite you to focus on all of the ways humanity is freeing itself and disregard the hopelessness being fed to you because those who control narratives are also aware of the fact that people create their own realities - which is why they try so hard to stop you from doing it.

Interesting stuff!

I really hope more people realise this! :]