Life lessons from a snake game!

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So this site looks like a good platform to share my ideas, thoughts that none of my friends would listen to, so hey, you there reading this, thanks a lot.

With my super intense, adrenaline full lifestyle i found time to play slither , the best snake game out there. The rules are simple. The bigger your snake the better, sounds familiar? :D If you hit another snake, game over, lets just say the creators were not into snake "parties".

Now, the best would be if you give it a shot and try it. The brainwashing power of the game is amazing and in some magical way it gives your alpha waves time to think about similarities between your snake and your life. ;) Sorry ladies, but i'm sure you can relate.

So here are my life changing snake conclusions translated into bold life changing ideas:

  1. If your life is boring, the snakes around you are small, short and life just sucks. Be aware there is always a better place where life is booming, snakes are big and every time one dies you get crazy opportunities. Keep looking, don't settle!

  2. During your adventure you will see snakes working hard, picking up the smallest rewards, living on the left overs. They never make it big and sooner or later a big snake comes, circles them and chokes the living hell out of them. Think big! Be bold with your moves, challenge the big snakes, big opportunities only come to those who got the balls to take them.

  3. Sooner or later you will get an opportunity. Your snake will get big, fat and long. You're the man. But deep inside you are still a little snake, scared of the smallest worms moving around you. You are scared to lose. The little snakes will tease you, try you, feel out your fear and you are lost. It's only question of time before you will taken down by a small sneaky snake. Size does matter, but its not everything. You gotta have the balls to have a big snake! Act like you have one! Keep pretending until it becomes true!

  4. Well, there is definitely more to it, but the final conclusion. You can come up with smart ass motivational stuff even based on a damn snake game. So don't believe all the crap people say, follow your snake and be confident!

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We should all have a big snake mentality !


I have it by nature :P


how is that saying, pretend or play it until you get it?

i read out whole article , great post


thanks :) appreciate it. it was fun to write

Nice story......
So many fun...
please go ahead...
thanks a lot for sharing...........