Please, Never Give up on Life no Matter How Badly You Hurt.

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Never give up.

I have had to tell myself this over and over through out my life. When a child and dealing with things no child should like sexual and emotional abuse, going to school where you'd hope I could escape the abuse but only getting viciously bullied. Growing up like this for years and years with often not enough food and no shoes that fit. Don't give up. It can change. I would tell myself this over and over even when I didn't believe it. Until the idea of holding on was so strong that almost nothing could keep me down.

As I got older, it didn't get better in fact it progressively got worse. I got assaulted more times. One time having to abort a baby that was a product of date rape and another time getting abused again by a relative and having my mother side with them and move away to protect them. My best friend died and then the stress of it all caused my physical illnesses to flare deeming me too disabled to work but still having to pay bills.

Still I have not given up!

This blog is not meant to be depressing and I don't want pity. This blog is meant to be inspiring. To show how resilient a human can be if they choose to stay and fight. This is not to say I have not been weak. As you know if you read my blog, I tried to kill myself not so long ago but the thing is we need to not look at the past and feel weak and ashamed. We need to keep moving forward and keep fighting. We need to make living a priority no matter how difficult it gets.

My life is really, really hard right now but some great things shine through the disease and pain. Such as, those friends that stuck by me and supported me. The people that love me so much that I can almost feel them hug me from hundreds of miles away. I learned who was only going to stick around during the good times and I was left with the best people. I also started creating more art as a way to cope with my reality and have created some of the best art of my life during this time.

...and this could all change for me. I am getting help for my health and who knows what my life holds? I could be SO GLAD I held on give it 5 years. I could be living in a way that I have always dreamed surrounded by those I love instead of in isolation. I just need to get through this rough patch.

We need you!

Some of the most interesting writers, artists, inventors, creators in general have lived really rough lives. So, cultivate that pain and turn in into something you can hold onto. No, I am not saying to suck it up or that you can transmute that pain into good vibes. I am not a magical thinking person. I am saying that you can take the rubbish you've been handed and struggle to make something out of it. Possibly all the while in pain but ending up with something worth fighting for, such as me with my art.

This is probably an incoherent rant and I am probably sharing too much as I tend to do but I hope that I have conveyed that I just want you to hold on. If you are hurting, lonely, suffering in ways unimaginable to most people in the first-world just know you are not alone in your battle and we need you. We need you to not be a statistic. We need to turn on the T.V. without seeing another person die from suicide. We need you to stay and fight and eventually, one day inspire others.

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Incoherent? Nahhhhh.

Inspiring? Yahhhhhhh.

You please stay. We need YOU!


Awwww. Thanks. :') <3 I don't want to go anywhere any time soon.

Awesome write up... Coming from deep within the heart, emotions that cannot be quantifiably put into writing, but you have done a very good job at expressing yourself!

I want to keep following your posts, i can relate with you.

steem on!

Thank you! I try to be raw when I feel up to it and dig deep. I haven't felt up to it in awhile but I do now and if it reaches a few people struggling maybe it could help. :>


It is doing a lot of good.

Awesome writing keep fighting never give up ,life can be hard on us .... but it can also show you it's Wonderful beauty 😊💖💖💖 upvotede and resteemed


Thank you. I am still holding out for the wonderful part at this point but I have hope!


All the best for you my lovely friend 😊💖

I'm glad you haven't given up. :)


Thanks. I have come close but not yet! ^_^


I have more fight in me now than ever.


Good! As I've said before, let it drive and inspire you. As you said above, out of pain comes the most prolific and profound work.

A very good example of a fighter. :) I'm proud of you. :)

Really appreciate this post. I am hoping and will pray for your improved health. Life hurts terribly sometimes, and writing about it helps you, the person suffering, and also whoever might read this post, so keep it up!

One thing, though. How do you make badges? Sounds like something I'd like to do to for myself! Make a post about that and if I see it I'll upvote & resteem!

Keep up the good stuff you are doing!


Thank you and you are right. :)

I made them in photoshop using my wacom. I drew them by hand. :> You could also use gimp.

What a wonderful human being you are to carry on. Resteeming


Thank you. <3

You are an inspiration, @lauralemons!

WE NEED YOU! And now you aren't here :.(
You were so doing so much better!! I was so proud of you. I'm glad I can still "spam" your posts. And somewhat feel like I can talk to you :( I wish I messaged you that night! I thought about it :( your facebook statuses were making me so sad! :( I'm so sorry!

Life can be such a painful place I like to hear from people who never give up. I wish you all the best! :)


It sure can and thank you with so many suicides lately and all the scary/depressing things going on in the world I feel an extra obligation to carry on and not drag people down. If I were to give up or at worst case, kill myself it would surely have a domino effect among my friends which would spread and it'd just be more people who gave up setting the example. ( ._.)

Nice post honey

absolutely right .... i agree with you .... Never Give up on Life no Matter How Badly You Hurt.

Never give up! Don't ever feel alone. You never know who you may be inspiring and who, through your words, you may have helped. Continue doing what you love, what brings you happiness. Will there be bumps in the road? Yes, always, but don't ever feel like you are alone. Trust me, you are not.

Thank you. We all need to be reminded that it is worthwhile to keep going.

Respect! Awesome post, thank you!
Where did you take the first picture from? love it (I am a little medieval times fan :))



It was a stock photo from pixabay. ^_^


I meant if you know the movie - or maybe somebody else does?


No, I just grabbed it off a stock photo site so I have no idea. It may just be a photoshoot.


Actually, it is almost certainly not from a film. They don't post film stills on pixabay it's stock photos that the uploaders own the rights to because they are photographers generally.


Ah ok, thx for the info! Sad, really loved the setting!

hola algunas veces, he pensado en parar y a todos no pasan cosas difíciles. como dice un sabio uno cree que la cruz que nos toco era la mas pesada y cuando vemos a los demás, no damos cuenta que la de nosotros no pesa tanto, sigue luchando y confía en dios !!! un abrazo desde Venezuela

@lauralemons I appreciate your message. Life is messy and chaotic at times, and storms often hit in close sequences. It's not negative to talk about obstacles as you work toward surpassing them.

I noticed your support on some of my posts and thought I'd drop in with a greeting. :)

Don't give up

Beautifully written, couldn't agree more.

Wow, this post touch directly my heart..You're a fighter and you are more strong than you think. I know sometimes life is hard, but you have to kick her ass. This post inspire me a lot. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

Love, Olivia D.