Global citizenship via Self-Sovereign Identity



Photo via Trenton Gaddis

Every human is born free with human rights as to life and property. We do not choose our place of birth, and we should have full freedom to choose our location of self-development. Therefore, as modern humans, we need global citizenships owned by us as sovereign individuals.

At the current moment, this could be done with technology as Self-Sovereign Identity - SSI. Regardless of how global governance functions in the future in principle, every human should own its identification. Nobody should be without an ID, paperless or a stateless person.

This is especially vital when it comes to mobility. Thanks to global citizenship, humans could migrate and move from point A to point B to conduct legal agreements, interactions, and self-development with respect for freedom, dignity, and human rights. Categories as immigrants and emigrants could be abolished since there will only be the mobility of world citizens.

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