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The online community is a group of quality people who share common values, the members communicate with each other , interract in long term, are clearly united by a common passion or interest and have the power to put them into practice.

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The members have a certain level of values highly complementary that allows them to obtain some results using common results. The complementary values can refer to creativity and freedom.
In a community, there are competent people that use these complementary values to create a number of common interests.
Communities are important for human beings because it is like an universe that expands, and in universe we need a natural growth of life. If the people have a connection, they will contribute to develop faster, to expand faster, to produce results this universe that we live in – social life, social media.
When you are alone, there are little chances of success, you are less productive.
While others feel important because they have a big number of followers but they do not interract with nobody, others exchange ideas, help each other, say just a simple “hello” in the morning because they are a part of a certain community that allows them to express free.
Community are generally exclusive: photography, travel, etc.
They are based on the interaction of their members, by initiating events and exciting discussions.

There are 3 categories of participants:

  • The visitors, those that are voting when needed but they do not participate in discussions;
  • The ones that sign in to the community but remain passive;
  • And the members, the ones that participate in the discussions actively and intrinsically develops the community.

It is difficult to develop a community from 0, but not impossible.

In terms of relations between human groups, a strong community with individuality is that there are relationships with interest in economic niche , social, political, cultural, based on trust, mutual support, specific interests and intellectual affinity.

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In a civilized group people are mutually reinforcing , trust each others, participate in solving problems as good citizens. The more members of a community are more valuable as citizens the more valuable the community is by the way it develops and crystallizes.

A community like Steemit allows you to blog in a social network website, the members have a short list of rules that applies for the platform, but beyond the posting, commenting, upvoting and finding concepts, ideas for your content, there are some “unwritten rules:.

Like in everyday life, diplomacy and common sense should be used to maintain a fruitful relationship with other members.

Using your ideas for the content is essential, nobody wants to hear that someone stolen an idea, right? You work hard on your post and will soon be harnessed.

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Really, @laviniatherapist, the Steemit community is constituting a therapeutic view of mutual association and beneficial existence in the world of today.
The world is a place where people have to live and work together. As John Donne, the seventeenth-century English author said:

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.

The different groups of members of the Steemit platform, are truly depending on each other. The authors have to write good articles, the curators will read the authors' work and comment critically, while the voters should upvote what they think is good and beneficial to them. This kind of association really depicts that, there is good life and successful existence in a place.
I am @gboyegaogunmola. I am a writer. I am writing article on the topic "psychological aspect of man". I want people to solve personal problems, through reading my personality literature.
I believe that, it is interesting to know that there is a kind of association and existence which is going on here at Steemit. Some people will not realise certain things, unless they have a sort of assistance.
You have done a good work. You made our roles clearer and easier for us.