Why shouldn't you make decisions based on emotions?

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We never know where feelings come from. Many people believe their decisions generate these feelings, although it's often difficult to pinpoint their source. Poor results are common. Here are some tips for avoiding emotional decision-making. Read on to learn how emotions affect decision-making. To reduce emotional biases, learn about time delays. Remember to regulate your emotions.

Anger has numerous benefits. Reduces risk. When we're upset, we tend to think more positively, which can lead us to take greater risks. When angry, we may view the flu as less of a threat. When we're angry, we're more likely to participate in risky conduct and behave based on our anxieties. There's more to the story.


Happiness-boosting efforts may backfire. Pursuing happiness may make it harder to accomplish and lower our chances of success. When we seek happiness, we tend to have high expectations of ourselves, which might lead to disappointment. When we reach this threshold, we're more likely to feel unhappy, even in nice conditions. Everyone can't feel happiness.

Antonio Damasio calls the somatic indicator decision-making mechanism the "as-if body loop." The degree of a person's physical symptoms is proportionate to their emotional responses to potential courses of action, which indicates the quality of each option's results. Somatic signals, which might operate consciously or unconsciously, can influence people's judgments. The relevant critical literature hardly mentions this notion. This article explains why it's important to consider the somatic marker theory while drawing conclusions.

"Fight or flight" is gaining importance in modern culture. In many cases, it's better to pause and reflect before responding to a problem. This delay reduces the impact of emotional biases on decision making. Humans instinctively fight or flee when in peril. The fight-or-flight reaction has various benefits, including improved decision-making.

Anger makes people blame society for their issues. Ambulance windshields are covered with passive-aggressive political propaganda. Scapegoating does little to address the complex and evolving causes of these calamities. Anger hinders society's battle. This is a common response to many situations.

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