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  Demonetisation is an economic activity.Under this the country's government eliminates the current currency and brings new currency.this method is used when the black money increase in a large scale in an economic

 8 November 2016' the government of India announced  demonetisation this announcement was made by PM nerandra modi 
It is not the 1st time that demonetisation take taken place in India. Demonetisation has been done twice before in India 1946 and 1978.

India is not the 1st country. Where demonetisation took place there are other countries where the government did's Main purpose was curb corruption and promote cashless tranction . The advantage of demonetisation is
1it will stop illegal activities
2 Increase in tax revenue
There are some negative of demonetisation for example
1 it creates painc among the common man small business man . Demonetisation was the biggest step to clean the black money .this step of Indian government is surely result in good and help in reducing the black money
We should support the brave step of Indian government.

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