Everything goes wrong? Maybe you should sleep more!

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I guess all of you guys have experienced this sh*tty feeling: You wake up in the morning and you feel like everything is going to be bad today. You feel unconfident, unlucky and angry of course.

Well, this can happen because you don't get enough time of sleep!

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How can it be reflected in your day-to-day life?

First and foremost, sleep has a direct impact on your brain. It means that the time of sleep determines the way you think and how you feel the next day after you wake up. It can impact you by making you nervous, and unconfident. It will make you feel like everything you are doing is not good enough and you might be angry at every small thing that people around you do.

For instance, a student is waking up in the morning after having fun at a party the night before. That student is nervous and will fail on the exam he has that day. After he comes back home he yells at his mother just because she asked him about his day at the high school.

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Well, in this case, that student has to think about the time of sleep he has nor he will keep feeling that bad.

Second, when you feel tired you are less communicative.

According to recent studies, people with less sleeping hours are less communicative than those who slept well. When you don't sleep enough it will be hard for you to pay attention to everything which is going on around you. People will talk to you but you won't listen to them at all, which can really hurt them sometimes. It can actually make other people not to want to be around you, and it will be hard to change it the next day.

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Sleep is an important thing, way more important than people tend to think. If you ever feel bad and messed up, this might be because you just have to take a rest. Go to sleep in your awesome bed and you will probably feel greater the next day!

Have you ever felt the worst because of your sleep? Share your story below!

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Appropriately enough, I'm about to go to sleep as we speak. I definitely wake up feeling "unconfident, unlucky, and angry" from time to time, but lately it's rare. Sometimes I feel like my low energy and shitty mood is due to oversleeping as well. You gotta hit that perfect mark where you're rested but not lethargic :)

Sleep is more important than people believe! It can entirely change your mood if you give yourself a proper sleep time. I've experienced bad mood when I haven't slept well.

It is important to have a good day of sleep, I know of cases of insomnia that end badly. As I have heard, the more adult you are, the less time you need to sleep, we continue to investigate to see how accurate that information is


Yeah, I have also heard about it. Thanks for commenting, @yrisalcala79!

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Hi @lazarikol12 Certainly, Sleep deprivation affects high-level cognitive functions, cardiovascular health, circulation...

Sleep is a mental and physical resting state in which a person becomes unaware of the environment and is seemingly inactive. Essentially, sleep is a detachment from the world, wherein most external stimuli are blocked from the senses. Despite the apparent inactivity there are vital functions that are performed during a normal sleep pattern.

Sleep is a required activity. It is not optional. It is not something that you just do when you are inactive. Sleep is important for normal cognitive and motor functions, it is vital to proper functioning and overall health.

Have a nice night
I'm wishing you success and growth, and happiness
A hug

this post makes me want to sleep. :P just kidding, but yeah, a lot of bad things could be attributed to a person's lack of sleep, not just physically but also mentally and psychologically.


LOLL. Thank you for commenting!

Hello @lazariko12, I definitely to sleep enough, go back to life as my mother said, and if you have any reason for stress, with a delicious rest and a deep sleep, it will help you to have all your energy, come back to recharge, you need to sleep very Well, the recommended is 8 hours in the long nights of sleep, but it is always delicious to rest and keep an eye on the afternoons, you get up with more spirits to finish your night, happy Dream dear friend.

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I can't sleep.

Hola @lazariko12
Definitivamente el buen dormir juega un papel determinante en el comportamiento diario de las personas.
Si sales de farra la noche anterior; obviamente tu desempeño ese día puede que sea fatal.
Eso me solía pasar a mí. Hoy en día no tengo ese problema. Al menos por farra no dejo de dormir y tener buen sueño. jajajajaja

Saludos y Gracias por el artículo.

In Today’s world sleep is real issue, hardly people getting enough sleep to rejuvenate body

I agree with whatvyou have written. I always feel grumpy whenever I lack sleep.

Now I certainly have reasons to sleep more....lol

Every way we live through life must be able to bring the lesson to continue the path. Because the path of life is so long and meaningfu

Actually the recommended duration for sleep each human must take is 8hrs per day. Though others don't make t. That's why they suffer from sleep diseases such as insomnia. This (insomnia) is a disease due to lack of sleep. One can stay awake from day to day for a week. And it's recommended also nor to just jump out of the bed when you're awake. At least one should take like 3-5mins before jumping out so that the brain stabilizes from the deep sleep.

haha sleep is really important indeed and your article reminded me those eternal words of Isabelle Huppert: I hear yoga is good and I may try it one day but I prefer to sleep. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/jun/24/isabelle-huppert-this-much-i-know
Be like Isabelle.

buena recomendacion hace poco un Doctor me recomendo eso que durmiera mucho para recuperarme rapido

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