How Does A Student's Life Look Like Today?

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Adults these days wonder how does student's life look like. As we know, so many things have changed since our parents been in high school as students.

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Well, to answer that question, we will separate the subject to different kinds of students we know these days:

The "normal" student

This kind of student is the usual one who learns just as demanded from him/her. Not more than that and not less than that.
His/her day begins with a breakfast (some students do not eat breakfast at all). After that, the student goes to the high school and starts to study until the end of the day. Then the student usually stops the studying and use the smartphone for a couple of hours. Usual students always have time for their hobbies which can be a workout/friends/rest (LOL), etc.

Then those students will do their homework and go to sleep. Not every student is like the one described here but most of them are similar to this one.

The "Bad" Student

This kind of student doesn't really care about grades at high school or about anything except having fun during those years. The student doesn't pay much attention to the classes and just having fun with his/her friends.

After the student comes back home from high school then he/she goes to parties, shopping, console games and actually everything except studying. Even though this kind of student sounds really fun, he/she will pay in the future for not studying during high school.

The "Great" Student

The great kind of student means that this student really cares about the grades at high school. He/she will do everything in order to get high grades. Therefore, he/she will have less time for hobbies and for having fun at home because that student puts big efforts in studying and doing all the homework.

Which kind of student is the best?

Well, the answer is still unknown. All the kinds of students have pros and cons. The "Bad" student enjoys the most during high school while the "Great" one has less time to "live" and instead of that he/she studying most of the time but will probably be more successful in the future so it pays off.

What kind of student was I?

When thinking about it, I was like a combination between the normal/great student because I had studied a lot at home. However, hobbies' time and time with friends was really important to me!

What kind of student were you? Share in the comments below!

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I was normal student than after 12th I became little naughty. Then again in last year of collage I was too serious about my study. Thanks for reminding me my old school and collage days. Wow!


You are welcome, @shanu. Thanks for sharing about yourself!


Wish can get back those times and have fun again!😊

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Hahaha.... I've always been the normal student..... But i think it's cool to be abnormal sometimes lol


Yeah, I wish I had the opportunity to go back to this time and be the worst student for one day or two hahaha :D


Hahaha.... Only if you could turn back the hands of time

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muy interesante este post, siempre es importante reconocer con características especificas alguna situación,para poder ayudar a tiempo, especialmente e los niños. Muchos éxitos.