How To Be Well Prepared For Your First Baby?

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The question of how to be well prepared for a first baby in the family has been widely discussed over the past 8 years.

Having your first baby in the family is something unusual which demands a lot from you. You will have to give up on many hobbies you had in order to take care of the baby as it requires big efforts.

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So, how can you be prepared for having your first baby in the family?

Step #1: Be mentally prepared

First and foremost, you will have to be prepared for your first baby mentally. It comes before everything else like buying stuff for the baby. You have to accept the fact that you will be responsible for your baby all the time so you will have to sacrifice some of your time in favor of your baby.

NOTE: You have to prepare wife/husband as well if you want to have a healthy relationship with your family.

Step #2: Choose the best place to live in

You will probably want to live in a place which is good for small children. The best places are places which contain many children and occupations for children, for example, playgrounds, kids clubs, etc. Living in a good location helps your baby to become a happy kid with a lot of friends. You want your baby to be in a good surrounding, don't you?

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Step #3: Buy baby's stuff

This is the part which parents hate the most (LOL), buying stuff for your baby. Good baby's stuff can help both of you and your baby. For example, interesting toys for babies can give you some time for yourself instead of trying to make your baby not to be bored all the time.

Good stuff for your baby must be bought, but don't buy too much stuff or too expensive stuff for your baby. Remember that your baby will grow up just in a matter of few years.

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i have my first son for the coming next month, and we've been on seminars with my wife on how to raise a child, and this post a great help with us, thanks @lazariko12 :)


@cortexx, congratulations!! as a proud father of two sons i can give you some tips:

  1. in the first 6-8 weeks you both will have sleep deprivation, so be prepared
  2. Have the iniative to help your spouse whenever you can without being asked (i.e. wash dishes, change diaper, let your spouse sleep and rest,etc)
  3. build a bond with your kids by spending time with him/her at LEAST 30 MINS a day WITHOUT any GADGDETS. That is really important
  4. ENJOY all process:)

thanks :)


me, a mother of four, is not easy..i had to multi task all.from household chores to sending my kids in school and after that i had to go to work.i had no seminar when i had my first baby but i think its the mother instinct who teaches me most

I liked .. good tips
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

Just prepare for sleepless nights 😄


Hahahah, yup!

I honesty thought having a baby was going to be easy, even though I was fore warned by my mom that it would not be. I thought all babies just ate, slept and pooped. Boy was I sorely wrong. It was very demanding as life is turned completely upside down with adding a new addition into what was previously my and my partner's life. Now that my son is 2, I've had some time to adjust although as he continue to grows, it's always a new journey of learning and discovering for both the parent and the child.


Thanks for sharing your personal experience, Victoria!

This is the most happiest moment of every human lives you are bring a noble soul to the society and upbringing of every child should be the topmost responsibility of every human beings

Some years ago I was taking things very easy. The though of having a Baby at that time looked very nice. Now I feel that it is a big responsibiliy and we need to sacrifice many things, if we want the baby to have a good childhood.
Well the baby can come at anytime, but if I am ready to sacrifice! Thats the question.
Enjoy your weekend :)


This is awesome, @hanen! Thanks for your meaningful comment!

I like the note on both parents being prepared.

Most times, the father's to be never realize they will be hit by the birth of a child.

Everything changes for them- their wife's attention, their quite time, duration of sleep, their space, up to the little fun things they enjoyed.

In some extreme cases, they get jealous of their baby and the peace of the home is affected.

The good news is, once both parents get the hang of things, their life returns back to near normal.

Babies are blessings and not a source of disturbance.


I agree with you on it, @elsieguy! Thank you so much for your awesome comment ;)

You forgot about very important thing. New parents will have to be prepared financially, they have to make sure that their pensions will allow them to have a baby.


Truth. Thanks for mentioning this point @idknn!

The child is truly a blessing of GOD. I have a girl. Before my baby came, we made many preparations for the baby but for every thing we have a confusion Would it be good for him/her?

I love kids

I want to have a child


Me too :)

Preparing to be more patient when your clean house becomes dirty becaause of their creativity

The area of choosing a child-friendly environment can't be over emphasized. When trying to inculcate positive morals and making your child comfortable, the surroundings has alot to contribute. Imagine bringing up your child around tertiary-students hostel or brothels and strip club, casinos etc. It's really a miracle that such a child won't have a non-chalant attitude towards life. Planning a family before the arrival of a baby is extremely important. Please try visit my little blog anytime your less occupied. Thanks so much.


Yup, I agree with you about it @topfreeser. I will check out your blog!


Thanks again. Am following you straight.


Thanks! I have just followed you as well!

No matter how hard you try, your efforts will never be enough. Because, babies are angels and most unpredictable being in the world. But we love them more than anything in the world. Just sharing my thought. Thanks for the post.


I guess you are right. But we have to feel like we did our best, don't we? :)


of course....they are our future...we to make it right.

Kiss sleeping in on days off goodbye :/ Thank you for sharing. :D


Haha thanks!

#Raising a kid today is not easy even before since our old generation until now,specially you're a mother,since the beginning in the month on your womb,you know already the big responsibilities until the end of your life,the responsibilities as parents,for their future,there's so many sacrifices to make in order to raised your kids in a right direction,today the millennial are facing a big challenges in their life,because of our technology today much more the parents on how to balance the responsibility as being a children,we cannot deny that mostly teenagers today are irresponsible.thats a big challenge to rhe parents and to those who are planning to become a parent someday#


Well said.

First baby or last that doesn't matter,parents need to stay with each other for the betterment of the child.Father and Mother are living together is the first preparation for the baby..

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Very nice and informative post... Thanks for sharing @lazariko12


Thank you so much for your support :)

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Nice post both girls are very cute

Muchas noches de desvelo y muchos cambios en tu vida.

I asked a recent mother who was preparing hard for receiving her first baby, and finally when it came along she said that experience is somethign you have to live to understand.. ntohign can truly prepare you for it :)

My little sis have twin baby girl this month :)