How To Get Over Fear

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Fear is one of the things that most bothering people around the world. Fear is a horrible feeling. You can feel it when you have to do something you think is dangerous when you are walking alone at the dark street at late hours of the night, or even just because of you afraid of someone who can hurt you.

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How to get over the fear?

First and foremost, If your fear is a fear which is caused by doing something for the first time, then you just have to do that thing over and over again until you will feel well do to this anytime without being afraid of it. When someone is afraid of doing something and he does it again and again, he may stop being afraid of that thing at all or at least his/her fear from doing that thing will be reduced for sure.

For example, a guy wants to jump to the water from a 10 meters height; At the first time, he will feel like it is impossible to do. However, after jumping 3 times to the water, he will become more mentally strong then he won't be afraid of jumping to the water like in the first time.

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NOTE: Small children have the best ability to stop being afraid of things fast. More than adults.

Secondly, if your fear is caused by someone who can hurt you then you just have to think about the options you can do. Being afraid of someone is really bad because it also gives that person the feeling like he/she can do everything to you.

You have to calm down and start acting instead of being afraid and do nothing. This can be reflected in a kid's life; Imagine that kid goes to school and there is a bully who wants to hurt that kid. That kid will feel fear for sure. But he can act and get over that sh*tty person by doing many simple things like telling other people about it or by talking with that bully and clear up everything.

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To conclude

Although fear is a terrible feeling, you can get over it faster than you think. I can't say that it will be easy. It will be VERY HARD! But after getting rid of fear you will feel like you are the king of the world!

Have you gotten over fear? Share your story below!

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Getting over fear isn't really easy, but it pays off if you can

Fear exists in the mind. The only way to over it to first of work on our minds.

Remember, the only way to overcome your fears is to fight it.

Fear is good. This is the thing that can make you brave if you only be strong enough to fight with it.


I fully agree with you on it, @sahdowman666!

I think everyone knows the feeling of fear & it is indeed a bad feeling! I didn't know that kids can deal with this faster than adults - that's amazing! I know many people who are scared of heights or even of just flying, I've also heard that the fear of flying came when they got older, since they had the feeling that they have more to loose now - many women get it after giving birth for example! Thanks for sharing your tips on how to get over it :)


What a great example, @theywillkillyou! Thanks for commenting and for your support.

Amazing photo! Climb the mountain step by step. I really like this picture! Thank you for sharing to us!

nice article with just the perfect image aswell. how to overcome our fear. a very alarming issue raised ad talked abput well done

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LOL! Thank you so much, buddy @ikemsamuel. I am more than appreciate your awesome support. I will take a good care of that money haha


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Getting over fear isn't really easy, but it pays off if you can

Great idea

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Fear is good. God protect us from fear

El superar el miedo va en el esfuerzo que nosotros hagamos para eso. Para ello hay que superar el temor y tomar la decisión para iniciar ése proceso de cambio en nuestras vidas.

Fear is a spirit. It cloths you like a garment, covers you like a cloth and grips you like a rope.You have to first of all identify the source of that fear. You have to face it and look at it in the face and tell it " i am not afraid of you because you do not have the power to hurt'

Excellent post friend, fear often limits us to do things, other people are smarter and take it as reinforcement to continue with what they dream or wish to do. Fear is always willing to see things worse than they are.
Fear is natural in the prudent, and knowing how to overcome is to be brave, no one reached the summit accompanied by fear. Those who are not brave enough to take risks will achieve nothing in life. Never let doubts stop. your actions. Always make all the decisions you need to make, even without having the certainty or certainty that you are deciding correctly.


Thank you!

I like your post, thank you for share what do you think about fear

Interesting topic, obviously it is a complex issue because it has many edges to be revised, but many things are discovered to see if it is possible to overcome fear!

Gracias por este post, me recordó a una frase, si tienes miedo de realizar tu sueño, entonces hazlo con miedo. saludos

Conquer your fears
Hi pls follow me @ richjen8

Nice article! It's very important to let go of this kind of silly fears, because they become obstacles in our lives, and just avoid us to realize which situations are an actual danger, since everything would seem the same.
Anyways, great job ^^